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Google and Apple support credit card bans in Ireland

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Google and Apple stand behind the Irish Bookmaker’s Association’s recent decision to ban credit card gambling.

The responsibility of gaming authorities increases as the casino industry grows and evolves each day. Along with the popularity of gaming, there has been a rapid increase in problem gambling across the globe.

Many regulators believe that one of the most effective ways to curb problem gambling is to ban the use of credit cards on gambling sites and apps.

After a recent announcement, the ban of credit card gambling in Ireland is receiving the full support of top tech holdings such as Apple and Google.

Apple and Google lead the way

The Irish Bookmaker Association (IBA) recently prohibited the use of credit cards as payment methods at online casinos. However, according to the IBA, it doesn’t have the power to sanction credit card gambling because the Irish Government has not yet outlawed it.

Ireland is introducing a new gambling regulator by the end of 2022 or the start of 2023 that will have the power to hand out fines to those in violation of the law.

Both Apple and Google are showing full support with the current move, implementing new measures to assist players. Both companies have new methods available to help online gambling sites identify payments with credit cards.

While these tools are readily available, not all operators are ready to implement the tools despite safer gambling responsibility.

Many of the top gaming operators are still allowing transactions via credit card using third-party payment providers. Up until this point, that has included Google Pay, Apple Pay, Revolut, and PayPal.

Both Google and Apple now have methods in place which can assist in identifying credit card payments. This is available during the setup process for Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The industry is doing its part

The industry-leading online casino and sportsbook, William Hill, is also doing its part in increasing player safety. The operator plans on banning credit cards for online betting in Ireland.

Apart from Google and Apple the banking app Revolut is also doing its part in curbing credit card spending. All credit card payments to gambling sites in Ireland will be blocked. The main reason for this is that an inquiry shows betting firms are taking advantage of credit card payments via contactless apps such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Revolut.

Revolut will block the use of credit card funds on gambling sites in Ireland the same way they do in the UK. Along with the ban on credit card funds, there will be an option to activate a 48-hour gambling block manually via Revolut.

More effective regulation for Ireland

Ireland is under the spotlight as new regulations are implemented to increase the regulation of iGaming. Ireland has finally updated legislation that has been out of date for quite some time. With the updates to legislation, effective gambling regulation is finally possible for Ireland.

There is a lot of debate about credit payment and how it impacts online casino players. Sweden is one of the many regions where the debate regarding credit card payments continues. That being said, there is a ban on credit card payments for Swedish players in an attempt to increase player safety.

The use of credit cards for online gambling continues as gambling authorities such as the IBA strive to implement regulations. With the assistance from Google, Revolut, and Apple it is one step in the right direction. It’s all hands on deck to help create a better and safer gambling industry in Ireland.

Published: March 1, 2022

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