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5 exciting and strange things you can actually bet on

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Forget regular casino betting options, take a look at the strange and exciting betting options players enjoy in 2021.

In the modern digital era, it is almost guaranteed that if you can think of it, you can bet on it.

Apart from the range of regular betting options, you can expect to find, there are also several thrilling and odd betting options to try.
Here are the top 5 strangest things that people across the globe get a thrill from betting on.

Bet on 'Commentator Bingo'

Sky Betting & Gaming, a Flutter Entertainment-owned company, came up with a unique way for players to wager on the Liverpool v Manchester United game during the English Premier League in January.

Players got the chance to participate in 'commentator bingo' betting on which phrases Martin Tyler, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher said throughout the match.

The Commentator Bingo had a range of phrases to bet on, each with different odds ranging from 5/1 to 16/1. However, this was a once-off for Sky Bet as it was not too eagerly received by bettors.

Bet on presidential elections

In regions where presidents are in power, the election time brings with it the opportunity to bet on the presidential elections. You can place your bets on who will be the next president, vice-president, and other power players to join the leadership.

After the campaign, there will also be betting options often revolving around the presidential candidate. These bets include determining when the current leader will cease to be in power, how he/she will cease to be in power and more.

Bet on baby names in the royal family

It seems around the world people want to take a guess and place their bets on what the next baby of Prince Harry and Megan will be called.
No matter what the topic, you are always bound to find some interesting betting options surrounding the royal family and the current topic they’re making headlines for.

Some betting sites have even had a betting pool on which job Prince Harry will start doing next. Whether it is Prince William and Kate, Megan and Prince Harry or the Queen herself, the royal family always ends up in the betting pool.

Bet on the stock market

This is an odd one considering many prefer to actively engage in the stock market. It has also come to light that various people enjoy betting on the stock market by betting on the individual ones you like.

Sites such as Predict Wall Street sponsors weekly stock prediction contests. These are free to take part in and if you bet on the right stock you could win up to $100.

Bet on the next Pope

The current Pope (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is still alive and breathing but already people are placing bets on who the next Pope will be.

According to the most recent betting polls, it appears Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle from the Philippines is the clear crowd favourite with a strong lead.

3 more fun bets you can place

Cheese rolling - You might not believe it, but this is an actual sport with an annual event taking place in The South-West English region of Gloucester each spring. With this event, all competitors need to roll big chunks of cheese downhill. The one to cross the finish line the quickest wins.

The next Dr Who - Forget about politics, why not take a bet on who the next Dr Who will be? Several big names have played the character in Hollywood and there is always a mystery around who will take the role next.

Betting on the weather - In some regions, you can place bets on what the maximum temperature will be in certain cities if rain should be expected and more. It is a strange concept, but should you guess accurately real cash prizes are up for grabs.

Published: February 25, 2021

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