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BitStarz Casino adds exciting new Crash games to its roster

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BitStarz Casino has announced the addition of a new blockchain-based Crash game to their suite of original casino games.

The invention of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies has added far more to the world of online gambling than you might think. One of the hottest new additions has been the creation of the popular Crash game, which you can play at BitStarz Casino today!

Simple yet satisfying

Rather than a complicated, brightly coloured game screen filled with fillable meters, flashy graphics and throbbing win animations, Crash games offer an incredibly understated experience.

The online casino game is played on a flat grey background, with the main gaming area being the left two-thirds of the screen. At the start of each game, a simple white rocket travels from the bottom left of the screen to the upper right, with the left axis tracking the win multiplier and the bottom axis showing how long the rocket was in flight. The precise win multiplier is also shown in massive white text in the centre of the game screen for easy tracking.

The far left of the Crash game screen shows your current bet amount, what level you last cashed out at, and a basic Multiplier Calculator. Opting to use the game’s auto bet feature will also showcase tools that allow you automatically increase and decrease your bet size or exit a game when preset criteria are met.

A game of nerves and timing

One of the most exciting aspects of Crash-themed casino games is the feeling of control. Unlike Online Slots where you spin the reels and wait on an outcome, Crash games put you at the helm of your destiny.

Your options are simple, decide how much you want to wager and wait for the next round to begin. The aforementioned rocket will take off and arc upwards in a to-the-moon trajectory, with its win multiplier growing as it ascends.

This is where you get to play chicken with the odds. The longer you stay in the game, the greater your win multiplier will be. However, to claim your reward, you need to exit the ship before it Crashes. Only you can decide if you want to wait a few more seconds for a higher payout or exit early for a smaller but guaranteed return.

The draw to stay engaged comes from the fact that while every game begins at 1x, the BitStarz Originals title has an advertised maximum multiplier of 100,000 times your stake!

Crash games fall into the high volatility game category, which means that it is not common to see that level of payout. This brings us back to whether your strategy will be to play for a slew of smaller wins or ride the rocket to the moon.

Provably fair is always a winner

Crash offers players access to provably fair tracking as a crypto casino game. Clicking on the Fairness button at the bottom of the control section will open a screen that lists the client seed and server code. These are special blockchain codes that you can use to verify that the game result the casino showed you is the same as the game result stored on the blockchain.

As the blockchain is nearly impossible to hack, this is a fantastic tool, only available on crypto games, that allows you to check that the casino treats you fairly and delivers honest game results.

Give those games a try at BitStarz Casino and enjoy the exciting gaming experience!

Published: September 27, 2022

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