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Jack’s Casino offers players a free subscription to Gamban

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In an attempt to protect vulnerable players and make a splash in the industry, Jacks.nl is offering a free subscription to Gamban to their players.

For many years now, responsible gambling has been a major buzzword in the iGaming industry. Giving players the chance to set limits on their accounts and restrict how much they play is a must and has become the norm.

One casino and sportsbook is going above and beyond by providing a free subscription to Gamban, a responsible gambling software that blocks all access to betting sites. Who's to say if other Dutch online casinos won't follow this example?

Is this a great way to show support for responsible gamblers or has this casino gone crazy?!

Free subscription to Gamban with Jack’s

It may sound wild but Jack’s Casino is thinking outside of the box to ensure that their players have access to the best responsible gambling software if they need it.

In a recent press release, the CEO and chairman of the JVH Group (which Jack’s is a part of), Eric Olders shared his vision for creating a safer gambling space.

“Responsible gaming and the protection of players are both extremely important at JVH. Therefore, we are proud that JACKS.NL is the first Dutch gambling provider offering Gamban software for free.

We have been offering this software to our players since the launch of JACKS.NL. We strongly believe that gambling must always be an experience, based on hospitality, safety, variety and, most of all, fun. By offering this software for free – on top of all our other responsible gaming tools and processes – we can provide even greater protection to players.”

This is an amazing initiative and truly shows that the JVH Group cares more for people than the profits they stand to lose.

Making Gamban accessible

Gamban is a responsible gambling software used by vulnerable players to completely block all access to gambling sites. When installed, this software makes it impossible for those at risk to find or access legal or illegal gambling sites.

Due to the manpower this software requires to run, it’s not a free service. It can be trialled for a week before signing up but the pricing ranges from £2.49 for a month and £24.99 for a year. It appears that Jack’s will be offering yearly subscriptions to their customers.

On why Gamban is so effective and important, Olders continued, saying:

“We strive for safe and trusted environments for all our players. Simply excluding vulnerable players from our site alone is not enough. It could drive them to other gambling sites, including and especially illegal sites without proper responsible gaming measures.

The essence of improving player protection lies in the exclusion of illegal sites. This software enables players to exclude themselves from all sites. The Gamban software blocks all gaming websites worldwide, preventing those players from any gambling online. Gamban is a smart and most effective software for blocking all gambling sites and applications.”

The use of blocking software as a form of gambling prevention is becoming more and more popular. Take a look at this guide to understanding blocking software and why it’s so effective.

Published: July 29, 2022

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