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Santa’s Megabucks jackpot surprise hits Las Vegas

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Unsuspecting player gets an early visit from Santa on Christmas Eve with Megabucks jackpot win.

For most casino players the ultimate goal or dream is hearing the bells and whistles as the machine announces that ultimate jackpot win.

Some players have more luck as Lady Luck visits them on the most unsuspecting moments granting mega wins.

This was the case for one lucky player at Sun Coast Casino on Christmas Eve playing the Megabucks slot machine.   

The Megabucks jackpot

It's no secret that 2020 had a number of challenges resulting in many being tired before mid-December. For avid casino players, the gaming entertainment did not come to an end and the progressive jackpots kept growing.

In fact, by the 15th of December 2020 announcements came of the Megabucks jackpot reaching a whopping $15.4 million!

This news-worthy jackpot amount brought a lot of excitement as it was the first time in 8 years the game had such a high jackpot waiting to be a won. The last time it reached these staggering heights was in 2012.

A merry December

The progressive jackpot continued to rise and reached nearly $15.1 million before it was finally triggered by a lucky Las Vegas player.

This was the largest slots win reported in Nevada in eight years. The lucky winner, Kevin, manage to scoop up the Megabucks jackpot on Christmas Eve!

According to the reports from the Suncoast Hotel and Casino, Kevin struck the jackpot after putting $40 into the machine.

Kevin, who is a part-time Las Vegas resident, definitely had one very merry Christmas after striking the massive jackpot slot win.

The lucky player divides his time between Las Vegas and Alaska. During the celebrations, he told Boyd Gaming that his wins will go towards his business as well as paying it forward.

Megabucks by IGT

Megabucks is a Nevada state-wide slot jackpot network that is owned by the International Game Technology company (IGT). In many ways, Megabucks is so popular that it is considered Nevada's state lottery. It has even created a few millionaires in the past 19 years with Kevin being one of the most recent.

Kevin's win is one that has reignited the fire and popularity surrounding Megabucks. After the win was shared on social media many have commented and it is clear that envy, congratulations, and love for the game are doing its rounds.

How the game works

To play IGT's Megabucks is quite simple as this is a dollar coin slot machine. All you need to do is insert 3 coins or $3 to potentially win big.

The jackpot is reset to the predetermined amount after every big jackpot win. Thus, with Kevin's big jackpot win the balance has been restored and the jackpot has been set to the predetermined amount. It will now return to $10 million and as players play the game, the amount will climb once more.

It is a progressive jackpot game which means, the more it is played, the larger the jackpot will grow.

There have been talks of the predetermined jackpot amount being increased to $11 million, but this has not yet been confirmed. The Megabucks game is part of the IGT slot - Mega jackpot system which connects 750 machines in over 136 Nevada casinos.

Big wins land unexpectedly

2020 may have been tough but it wasn’t all bad. Especially for big winners like Kevin who can say that with the difficulties there were also pleasant treats such as the mega jackpot rewards!

Kevin ended 2020 with a massive $15,491,103 Megabucks Progressive Jackpot win. The year 2021 has just begun and while the challenges are there, plenty of unexpected surprises await.

Published: January 6, 2021

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