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Take a deep breath of PlayOJO’s new responsible gambling initiative and more

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PlayOJO launches Compulsion campaign and GVC Holdings hires professor to increase awareness on safe gambling online.

Online casino gameplay is the hottest buzz with new gaming markets opening up and others expanding and growing.

The glitz and glamour of virtual gambling have led to increased numbers in problem gamblers. In return, gaming authorities and operators have shifted their focus to responsible gambling efforts.

Raising awareness

Apart from the hard work from regulatory bodies, online casino operators such as PlayOJO have put in a lot of effort to create a safe environment for players.

Recently PlayOJO launched a brand-new campaign in collaboration with UK reality TV celebrity, Gemma Collins. The TOWIE star and PlayOJO are partnering on a spoof fragrance launch to highlight problem gambling and encourage responsible gambling.

The cleverly thought out campaign comes with a fragrance release by the TV celebrity called Compulsion. The idea is that problem gambling is an addiction that has no smell. The aim is to help people recognise the early signs of addiction whether it be in themselves or those they love.

To raise awareness on the early signs of potential gambling issues, PlayOJO and the gambling organisation, Breakeven developed a new acronym - SMELL.

The acronym encapsulates the five signs of gambling issues that are generally the easiest to spot.

  • S – Sleep: Struggling to sleep at night.
  • M – Money: Losing money or struggling financially.
  • E – Extreme: Exhibiting extreme mood swings.
  • L – Losing: Losing interest in pursuits they used to enjoy.
  • L – Lying: Telling lies, big or small.

PlayOJO’s Head of Marketing, Peter Bennett stated that their business is built on the principle of fairness and transparency. Their commitment is to the people which means providing the information needed on identifying potential problem behaviours and providing help to assist in dealing with those problem behaviours.

Above all, PlayOJO strives to be a safe place where people can have fun and gamble responsibly.

Part of the launch campaign also includes a dedicated hub where there are expert guidance and insight available from Breakeven.

By partnering with Breakeven and Gemma Collins, PlayOJO hopes to raise awareness and provide support. They also hope to encourage people to speak up and get the help they need if anyone displays any of the signs highlighted in the Compulsion campaign.

GVC unveils Player Protection Strategy

GVC Holdings is another industry giant dedicated to increasing player protection online. Recently the gaming and sports betting group, soon to be renamed Entain, recruited Dr Mark Griffiths to assist with their Player Protection Strategies.

Dr Mark Griffiths is a professor of behavioural addiction and psychology at Nottingham Trent University. He will be in charge of auditing the current GVC policies and processes on responsible gaming.

GVC Holdings is positive that he will be of great value in helping them deliver an Advanced Responsibility & Care programme. This program will conduct a scientific analysis of player behaviour to inform the enhancement of player protections.

Griffiths will work alongside GVC Holdings and apply findings from the behaviours of over 160 million players to the global database. The added information will help develop stronger rules, measures and interventions for the long run.

On top of that GVC is also announcing a number of new initiatives under its Sustainability Charter including a US-based link-up with Conscious Gaming.

As such they will become the first official partner of PlayPause, the recently launched multi-state responsible gambling tool. According to GVC Chief Executive, the most responsible operator is also the most successful operator which at the end of the day will become the heart of Entain as well as their entire new strategy.

Safer Gambling Week

This year, Safer Gambling week took place from the 19th to the 25th of November 2020.

Safer Gambling Week is also supported by a number of non-gambling organisations. It is dedicated to creating awareness and focuses on providing information on how to gamble in a safer way, which tools are available and how to use them. On top of that, you will also be provided with information on the sources at hand when in need of advice and support.

An initiative supported throughout the online casino industry in the UK, including the Irish gambling industry and other markets, Safer Gambling Week does a lot of good.

While the industry is a business, the primary focus still remains on players and their safety.

Published: December 6, 2020

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