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A look into VIP and loyalty programs at online casinos

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Get ready for a winning night on the red carpet with the right bonuses and VIP accessories.

Let's compare being a player at an online casino to being a star in your very own film, where you play the main character. We can tell Bonuses & promotions are the outfits you wear that cement your star status within the industry.

Before you can get to A-lister quality outfits, you’ll need to climb the ranks like any other B-lister or newcomer.

The road to stardom

One of the many benefits of playing at online casinos is having the opportunity to boost your gameplay daily with exciting rewards. This includes everything from welcome bonuses to loyalty rewards.

When entering VIP and Loyalty programs, you get access to even bigger and better rewards. The whole process is like putting together the perfect red carpet outfit.

It starts with the essentials, such as welcome bonuses (undergarments), which give you that head start. These are awarded to you when you first join the site. These are exclusive to new players and are not shared with the masses.

Then it’s time for free spins (footwear), which help you navigate your walk down the red carpet and towards potential wins. These types of offers are often rewarded with new slot games or popular titles by leading software providers. With free spin offers, you can play and win real money without spending your cash. Keep in mind that winnings are subject to wagering requirements.

And then there’s your dress or suit, which is the jackpot. Today, there are so many different jackpot games that give you access to fixed and progressive prize pools. The prize pool grows on progressive jackpots each time someone makes a wager.

Hair and makeup are daily, weekly, and monthly promotional offers, which can be anything from deposit bonuses to free spins, reload rewards, cashback, or more. With these offers, loyal players get treated to a little something extra to boost daily gameplay as they get ready for their walk down the red carpet.

Finally, it’s time to accessorise with the VIP program. You can make any outfit look good with the right accessories. And the same goes for VIP programs. It completes the outfit and gives it that extra shine that makes people stop and stare.

There are different types of VIP programs, which include loyalty points programs and tier-based VIP programs. CasinoWow made sure to give you the best tips on how to play like a winner in this guide to high roller VIP bonuses.

Different VIP programs

With loyalty points, you get to collect points as you deposit and play your favourite casino games. The points you collect can later be converted to cash or traded for special casino bonuses or promotions.

A popular VIP program is a tier-based program where you get 3 or more levels of VIP-based rewards you can access by completing the goals or collecting enough VIP points. As a new player, you start at the lowest level with the minimum VIP benefits. As you climb the ranks, you unlock more VIP levels and the rewards that come with it.

VIP programs have plenty of benefits, which make them popular among players. This includes priority withdrawals, higher withdrawal limits, bigger bonuses, exclusive promotions and tournaments, lower wagering requirements, fee-free withdrawals, and VIP customer support.

How to join a VIP program?

The red carpet is calling, and it’s your time to shine. If you’re not signed up at a casino just yet, it’s time to get the party started. You can take a look at our list of top recommended online gambling sites where you can get access to the best games, promotions, and VIP programs.

Most gaming platforms make it super simple to take part in their VIP program. All you need to do is sign up and make a deposit, and you’re automatically entered. Others require you to opt-in via the VIP promotions page or by contacting the customer support team. Be sure to check out the details of the VIP program for clear instructions on how to enter.

Create your new player account and do the essentials as you start your journey to stardom with the best VIP rewards.

Published: September 8, 2023

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