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In-house games: The future of online casinos?

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GiG Games, Genesis Gaming and BF Games lead the industry with in-house game development efforts.

For those who enjoy online casino entertainment, there's never a dull day without new titles to try.

Big industry names such as GiG Games, BF Games and Genesis Games have even started with in-house game development.

There are various advantages of in-house game development including giving players access to exclusive content.

The perks of in-house game development

When it comes to in-house game development there is much more opportunity than relying solely on the creations of outside providers.

With in-house games and development, operators have more freedom to create online casino games and promotional content based on their brand and player needs.

One of the biggest perks of in-house game development (and branded slots) is the customisation level it allows. Many companies are making the move towards in-house development as it enables them to create titles and products that cater specifically to their player base and in-house needs.

Products can easily be customised to suit specific promotions, themes, and ideals. Whereas the use of outside providers allows customisation only to some extent with various limitations.

Then there is the control and coordination to keep in mind. With in-house game development, operators have the power to create games and titles that meet their requirements.

They can tailor-make games without needing to first implement the use of additional resources, products, or extras. There is also more control regarding creations as daily insight allows for quick changes that can improve efficiency.

Then of course another big perk is the instant accessibility with the on-site availability. With in-house software development teams, there's no struggle with getting hold of a team or setting up meetings.

Another major benefit of in-house games is that no commission needs to go to any outside providers for these titles. All profit thus becomes house profit rather than being divided between the house and third parties.

The downside to taking into consideration

With all the benefits of an in-house development team, there is also a range of disadvantages that need to be considered.

The most prominent probably being the high cost that comes with creating an in-house team. You will need a software engineer, a designer and various other experts in the field if you wish to create high-quality games that can compete with those of industry-leading software providers. This alone instantly drives up the cost of having an exclusive in-house game development team.

Then there is the time duration it takes to set up the team before it can successfully start taking on projects. When it comes to game creation it is important for there to be flow and understanding between members. Without a great team that works well together, the creations won't come out nearly as flawless or as quickly as is possible.

And of course, there are various limitations to keep in mind. This includes everything from not being able to hire the talent you desire for certain projects, being able to use certain patented features or struggling with regulatory requirements.

Where big software providers have dedicated teams handling different aspects, in-house development teams are generally small teams meant to focus on creating great games. For such teams, there needs to be a clear path with obstacles removed by others as to not hinder their progress and flow.

Taking initiative with in-house creations

Many top online casino operators have started shifting their focus towards in-house game development. There are various regions for this including building exclusive game content and creating a company culture with flexible games.

LeoVegas recently made the move to launch Blue Guru Games for game development with an aim to have at least 20 active games available in the next two years.

GiG is one of the few brands that first boasted an in-house game studio. The studio closed in late September due to a negligible return on investment.

Genesis is also known for its unique and exciting in-house game creations. Genesis has three in-house operations, Radi8 for mobile optimisation, Genesis for traditional slots and Bunfox for the unique titles.

Published: July 8, 2021

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