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The Best Online Keno Casino Games

If you are a lotto fan, then Keno is designed just for you. Tired of waiting for the lotto to come around once a week? You’re in good company, and we want to tell you that it’s not necessary to have to wait. Keno are popular online casino games, originating from China, which involves number picking and random number drawers.

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Top Five Keno Online Casinos

Enjoy all of your Keno, Bingo, slots and other leisure games online by trusting our list of recommendations - the top leading casino sites available in your country, offering top casino bonuses:

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    Why are Keno games so popular?

    Keno is a popular casino game because it offers easy, mindless fun that requires no exertion or skill on the part of the player. The outcomes are solely random, which means that you will need to rest on lady luck for wins.

    It is also a familiar process for players, as many keen Keno lovers are lottery players. The base game principles are the same:

    • Pay for your numbers
    • Choose your numbers
    • Wait for the random number drawer
    • Compare the number matches
    • Receive payouts for any wins

    Being able to play whenever you choose, without waiting for draws is a bonus that players enjoy. You become a master of your own destiny. Play in quick succession, or a game a day – the choice is solely yours.

    Know the game

    Before you learn the mechanics of how the game works and how the payouts are made, you will need to familiarise yourself with the common elements found in all Keno games.

    Keno Card: This is usually a grid of 8 rows of 10 digits numbered from 1 to 80. This is where your number selections can be made.

    Pay Table: This is where you will be able to work out what your winning payout will be if you are successful. It is essential to realise that payouts are not based on the amount of numbers you get correct in a drawer but are more accurately made based on the ratio of how many of the numbers were correct to the number of digits chosen. Matching 5 of 5 numbers is better than matching 5 of 10 selected numbers.

    Playing the game is painless and straightforward and can be learned in a jiffy:

    1. Choose a reputable CasinoWow approved Keno game.
    2. Once you have received your numbered grid, you can select between a minimum of 1 number and a maximum of 20 numbers to play with. Bear in mind what was said earlier about pay-outs being based on the ratio of correct numbers versus the numbers chosen. Instead, select a smaller variety of digits. You will begin to realise that as you select numbers, the payout table will begin to populate. The Hits and Payouts columns will reveal what sort of prizes you can expect to win if you match specific quantities of number matches.
    3. Place your wager based on how lucky you feel with your selection and then press Play (or equivalent).
    4. Wait for the numbers to be drawn. These will then be compared against your selection and will be paid where necessary.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the odds of winning the jackpot on Keno?

    The odds of winning a Keno jackpot can be as low as 9 million to 1, according to online statistics. These are still better odds than that of traditional lotteries, wherein in some instances a punter’s chance of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 620 million.

    Can I play Keno games online with Real Money?

    There are only a few online casinos that provide real money Keno games. At CasinoWow we test and rate casinos daily and have found that NetEnt and EGT develop the top Keno games. Be sure to pick an online casino with one of these providers from our list.

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