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NYX Interactive Casinos

NYX Interactive is one of the two major partnering companies that form the group, ‘SG Digital’, one of the world’s biggest gambling hardware and software providers. NYX, itself, originates from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA but has offices based in countries across Europe, North America, and Australia, with over 350 staff on its books to help it keep its proud international status going.

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About NYX Interactive

It’s very difficult to be a smaller casino game provider in a world where the ‘giants; rule the industry. Notable European names like NetEnt and Microgaming dominate online casinos virtual floors. There are others, however, that challenge these two ‘grandfathers’ of the business; one of which finds its roots in the United States and is a popular name in the household of gamblers - namely NYX Interactive.

NYX Interactive provides one of the world’s largest game portfolios, supplying over 650 games to around 200 gaming companies, casinos, and lottery vendors, globally. Their merger with SG Interactive has seen their portfolio rise to over 2,000 independent casino game titles across a range of genres and styles, bolstering iGaming, iLottery, and sports betting industries.

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