Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

If you’re searching for a fun and interesting take on Baccarat, don’t miss out on Evolution Gaming’s take on the ‘squeeze’ tradition.

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Baccarat Controlled Squeeze by Evolution Gaming

If you’re an avid Baccarat player, you may have heard of the term “squeezing cards” before. If you choose to squeeze the cards in your hand, it refers to peeking at the upturned corner of your cards to make the game even more exciting!

Evolution Gaming has taken this excitement to the next level and created a live table game that allows players to choose whether to squeeze their cards or not. A quick reveal of the cards puts players at a risk of revealing their play while also kicking up the thrill factor of the card game.

“It’s a truly Macau-like VIP gaming experience that puts the unique thrill of the squeeze at your players’ fingertips,” says Evolution Gaming about Baccarat Control Squeeze.

Theme, Sounds and Symbols

Rolled out in 2016, this version of Baccarat is played in online casinos with the help of a live dealer and top-grade cameras. A custom table surrounded by multiple HD cameras will stream the action directly to your online casino of choice as you place your bets and play your heart out!

The table is much like one that you’d spot at a land-based casino, except that there are glass inlays where the cards are dealt face down. The actual faces of the cards will be shown to you as the player. It’s then that you can decide whether to reveal the corners of your cards or squeeze them!

Game Mechanics

The objective of Baccarat Controlled Squeeze is the same as any other game of Baccarat. A popular card game where the aim is to place a bet of either yourself as the player, the dealer, or on whether there will be a tie. Depending on where you place your bet, the payouts will differ.

Once you’ve placed your bet on who will be the ultimate winner, the cards that total the closest to the number 9 wins! It’s that simple.

There are several different bets for you to place, including side bets on the Banker, Player, Either, Perfect Pair, Player Bonus, and Banker Bonus!

Bonus Features

Evolution Gaming’s Baccarat Controlled Squeeze doesn’t have any bonus features, but it does accept an infinite number of players at once! Thanks to using 8 decks of cards at once, players can bet and win all they want with ease – and there’s no waiting needed.

It also allows new players who aren’t yet comfortable with the game to practice ‘squeezing’ without having to place a bet.

Play ‘On The Go’

Designed by Evolution Gaming you can rest assured that the fun doesn’t need to stop when you’re on the move. Evolution Gaming has ensured that you can play via your tablet or mobile device.

CasinoWow Game Verdict

Experience real life-like casino gaming from the comfort of your home thanks to Evolution Gaming with Baccarat Controlled Squeeze fun addition to their live casino library.

Our comprehensive list of table games bonuses may surprise you and give you a great opportunity for your starting strategy.

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Baccarat Controlled Squeeze




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Baccarat Controlled Squeeze FAQs

What is the RTP of this casino game?

This casino game has an RTP of 98.94%.

Who is the provider of this casino game?

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze is an Evolution Gaming casino game.

What is the theme of this casino game?

The theme of this casino game is all about being in a land-based casino. This Baccarat table is the perfect way to reflect that.

What is the maximum win on this casino game?

Winning is easy with a 200:1 possible jackpot.

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