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Blackjack Party by Evolution Gaming

Why play regular Blackjack when you can kick back and enjoy a Blackjack Party with Evolution Gaming! More than just another Blackjack game, this version of Evolution Gaming’s live dealer table game is a lot of fun. And all it took was one simple change to make it more enjoyable for all.

Theme, Sounds and Symbols

The name of that table game may imply that you’re about to find yourself seated a table covered in sparklers and party hats, but Evolution Gaming has designed something a little different.

Standard live Blackjack games have real dealers which chat and interact with players as the game progresses. It can, however, be a little one dimensional. If you’re the sort of player that’s looking to be entertained while also winning big, then this version of the game is perfect.

Instead of one dealer, Blackjack Party has two! Now you may be wondering what makes this so unique, but the truth is that it adds a fun dimension to the experience. The dealers will chat with each other, joking and commenting on the game at hand. It makes watching the dealer a little more exciting as you wait for your cards to be dealt with. If there’s a particularly big win, the dealers will be sure to get in on the fun and make the win even more special.

Game Mechanics

The only difference that Blackjack Party offers is the second dealer at the table. Other than that, the game will be played just like any other Blackjack game. You aim to place a bet and hopefully cash in on a big reward if the numbers are in your favour and you are dealt a 21.

There are a few standard rules that apply such as the dealer standing on a 17, one hole card being available to the dealer, and of course, blackjack pays 3 to 2.

As always, Blackjack Party is played with 8 decks of cards and the dealers will shuffle these manually.

Bonus Features

If you’re looking for more possible ways to win, keep your eyes peeled for the side bets. You can place either a Perfect Pair side bet or a 21+3 side bet. The highest payout possible thanks to these bets is a 100:1, so be sure to bet wisely!

Play ‘On The Go’

Evolution Gaming wants you to play wherever you please. It doesn’t matter if you’re seated on a train headed to work or you’re stuck at the airport, and you can log in to your favourite live casino and party! Blackjack Party is available on all Android or iOS tablets and mobile devices.

CasinoWow Game Verdict

If you want to experience more than just the standard live casino table game, then be sure to give Blackjack Party a try. You may enjoy the banter and jokes which will abound, or you may find yourself tuning out of the noise. Either way, the choice is yours!

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Blackjack Party




Evolution Gaming


Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

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Blackjack Party FAQs

What is the RTP of this casino game?

Blackjack Party has an RTP of 99.28%.

Who is the provider of this casino game?

Blackjack Party is an Evolution Gaming casino game.

Is this game suitable for new players?

Yes! Blackjack is a simple game to learn and the Party aspect makes it even more exciting more new players.

What is the maximum win on this casino game?

The maximum win is 100:1 when playing Blackjack Party.

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