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Play'n GO redefine the slot machine with Gemix. We review this quirky cascading gem slot to uncover its mysteries and how to claim its 45,135 coin jackpot!

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Gemix Review

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Slot Overview

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Big Win

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Play'n GO

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Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

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4513x bet

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Game Review

Gemix Slot

Taking inspiration from popular mobile games like Candy Crush Play’n GO brings you a gem-encrusted wonderland in Gemix! This slot game will see you frolicking through three cute worlds helping a Miner, a Princess and a Wizard bring those pesky magical gems under control!

Theme, Sounds and Symbols

If there was one word to describe the totality of Gemix’s visual and sound design, it has to be: cute! The music is light-hearted and upbeat, as are the various sound effects used for interaction on the screen like gems exploding and the Crystal Meter charging up. This is a slot game that does not take itself too seriously, in the best possible way.

Depending on which character you are assisting – the miner, princess or wizard – the game world changes to represent their unique personalities and tastes. Each game world hero has its special Wild symbol that matches their unique style. The Miner has a lamp, the spoiled Princess has a lollipop, and the wizened Wizard has a spellbook!

The actual reel setup is borderless and floats on top of the relevant backgrounds. All the symbols are gems in keeping with the theme and include red heart stones, yellow star gems, semi-precious orange flowers and many more!

Game Mechanics

Gemix plays like a cascading reel slot with a 7x7 grid hosting the gems. There are however no predetermined winning pay lines, claiming a pay line here relies on you having 5 or more of the same gems which are in contact with one another horizontally, vertically or both. Gems which are in contact diagonally do not count at all.

To keep you immersed into this fairytale world, Gemix uses a pattern system, used to tremendous effect in Viking Runecraft, to allow you to access new worlds. Complete patterns in the mining world to unlock access to the Princess and play in her kingdom. Once you master her domain, you will gain access to the realm of the Wizard where you get to face his gem-encrusted challenges and take home big wins!

Gems which meet this winning pay line requirement will explode in a poof of gem dust causing the gems above them to drop down and fill the space, opening up opportunities for additional wins!

This seemingly simple game comes with the ability to stake as little as €0.05 per spin or as much as €100.00! Candy Crush wishes it could get its players to spend a €100 a game!

With big risks come big rewards, Gemix offers players the opportunity to walk away with up to 45,135 coins!

Bonus Features

Gemix slot has some interesting features built to benefit from unique gameplay opportunities a cascading reels game offers.

Special Wilds

When playing Gemix, each of the worlds comes with a unique Wild symbol. These Wilds do not make up part of the gem system of the main game but will appear randomly during a non-winning spin. Besides its unique appearance, each Wild has a unique bonus feature.

The Lantern – plants up to 10 random Wilds on the reels
The Lollipop – links Wilds in a line from one edge of the reels to another
The Spellbook – summons up to 8 Sticky Wilds randomly on the reels

Crystal Charge

The Crystal Charge feature randomly results in one of the following four effects when 20 or more gems are destroyed in a single winning play:

Nova Blast – a single gem explodes cloning adjacent gems into itself and destroying up to two layers of gems beyond that triggering a cascade

Crystal Warp – a symbol is selected, and all of them on the reels are transformed into another symbol

Light Beam – a selected symbol shoots out a beam of light both horizontally and vertically changing the symbols in its path into matching lines of symbols

Chain Lighting – a corner symbols fire a bolt of lightning that travels diagonally down the reels cloning the symbols it touches to match originating symbol. This can activate from both corners.

Super Charge

Chaining together more than 40 gems in a single winning play will activate the Super Charge feature, where the total win for the session receives a 3x multiplier!

Play ‘On The Go’

Gemix is available on all mobile devices and all platforms. Play this gem-encrusted wonderland on your favourite iOS, Android and Windows-powered devices.

CasinoWow Game Verdict

Gemix is a unique and entertaining slot game, and it is fantastic to see Play’n GO stretching themselves beyond standard reel slots. However, the amusement factor is not enough to keep you entertained for long. While Gemix is cute and has some interesting features, there is very little return on your bets. It very quickly becomes a ‘set it and forget it’ game where you select Autoplay and then go off to get coffee.

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Gemix FAQs

What is the RTP of this casino game?

The RTP of the Gamix casino game is 96%.

What is the maximum win on this casino game?

Collect winning combinations to take home more than 600,000 coins with Gemix.

Can I play this slot on my mobile device?

You definitely can! Play Gemix from any of your favourite mobile devices with ease.

Is this game suitable for new players?

Gemix is a game that blurs the line between mobile gem game and slot machine making it a great way to introduce new players to online slots.

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