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European Roulette Pro

European Roulette Pro

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European Roulette Pro is a high-end single Zero roulette table from Play’n GO. The game offers 37 numbered spots; a green zero and 36 coloured numbers.

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European Roulette Pro Review

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Game Overview

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European Roulette Pro

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Play'n GO

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Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

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Roulette Games

Game Details

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35x bet

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Game Review

European Roulette Pro by Play'n GO

European Roulette Pro by Play’n GO is high-class casino table game offering enjoyable dealer calls, an easy to use interface and premium single zero roulette entertainment for the more discerning player.

Theme, Sounds and Symbols

Play’n GO are known for creating shiny and spectacle-driven casino games, with European Roulette Pro they prove that they can transition from the slots floor to VIP table games room without breaking stride.

Playing European Roulette Pro is a relaxing experience with smooth jazz playing in the background, a rich female dealer calling the game and subtle ambient casino sounds rounding out the experience.

Game Mechanics

European Roulette Pro is played on a single zero roulette table with 36 numbered pockets. The table offers the expected betting options of 1-18 and 19-36, 1st, 2nd and 3rd pocket 12’s, Evens & Odds and Red & Black bets.

Before you spin the wheel simply select the size of your chip from the selector below. Chips range in size from 1 up to 100. Click on a predetermined bet box or any number (0-36) on the table.

Placing a bet on the centre of a number will payout 35:1 should that be the number that the ball lands on. It is, however, possible to split your risk, but also your reward, by placing a chip on a dividing wall between 2 numbers (called a Split) or the corner of 4 numbers (called a Corner). This will ensure you receive a payout if any of those is called but reduces your return to 11:1 and 8:1 respectively.

For new players, the safer bet might be, to begin with, the 50/50 bet boxes like 1-18/19-36, Red/Black and Even/Odd. These essentially amount to a coin flip with the games single zero lowering the odds little below 50%. The return on these bets is, however, 1:1 so little risked and little gained.

Bonus Features

European Roulette Pro does not include special features in terms of bonus games or features modes, but it does offer an interesting selection of tools to help you manage your time at the table.

Special Bets

The world of roulette is replete with betting techniques and patterns. Clicking on the star symbol on the control panel will bring up the Special Bets menu. Rather than having to remember complicated patterns this menu allows you play patterns such as Voisins du Zero, Finales en Plein, Orphelins en Plein and several others with a click of your mouse.

There is also an additional column to the left where you can create and save your own preferred betting patterns for future ease of use.


Clicking on the graph-based Statistics icon will open the games stats menu. Here you will be shown an interesting selection of data points around your gameplay. The hot and cold numbers for your session, % hits on Red, Black, Odd and Even, as well as a chart showing the most commonly hit areas of the wheel.

While this is a game of chance, these stats will help you decide whether or not to trust the odds or go with an unexpected bet.

Play ‘On The Go’

European Roulette Pro is a fantastic mobile experience. The design and layout are optimised for mobile devices, and the gameplay is smooth and quick with no need to wait for drawn-out features if you’re in a hurry.

CasinoWow Game Verdict

Fans of classic roulette will adore Play’n GO’s European Roulette Pro. This single zero table has been well designed, offers all the options and features roulette fans demand and has a great mobile presence.

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Game Review by Niki

CasinoWow Contributor

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European Roulette Pro FAQs

What is the European Roulette Pro’s wager limit?

European Roulette Pro allows you to bet a maximum of €100 on a single bet location. It will however all you to bet on 10 bet locations for a total maximum bet of €1000.

I travel a lot can I play this casino game on the train or while on business?

European Roulette Pro is the perfect travel game. It is simple and easy to follow, offers a high excitement value and doesn’t require you to sit through any extended features when you need to get up and go.

What is the game’s biggest payout?

Landing a single number bet is the roulettes highest return at 35:1. At a bet of €100, this means a €3500 return.

Can I play this slot at an online casino in my country?

As each online casino has its own licensing and regulatory requirements it is advisable to check the terms and conditions of the casino you have in mind.

Play European Roulette Pro for Real Money

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European Roulette Pro

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