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Bonus abuse

Published by Kally | April 1, 2019

A guide to casino bonus abuses

As far back as there have been casino bonuses, there have been casino bonus abusers. In fact, when online gambling was in its infancy in the 1990s, there were not many rules grounded to establish guidelines for online casino ethics, so patrons would often take advantage of bonuses in such a way that casinos would suffer severe losses.

Due to abuse, online casino vendors decided to put strict Wagering and Playthrough Requirements in place to avoid the public taking advantage of free money that was offered in good faith. These requirements require gamblers to play casino games a set number of times before they could simply draw on their winnings. This was the purpose of bonus cash in the first place.

Technically, some of the abuse is not actually fraudulent or illegal but still goes against casino etiquette and standard ethical practice. Breaking these rules could see you blacklisted and banned from a casino and all other casinos on their network.

In many cases, people might not realise that they are breaking some of the guideline rules or requirements, either because they are new to the gambling industry and do not understand some of the requirements, or because they failed to read the fine print on a bonus.

Ignorance of the law is however not ever an excuse when breaking it. This may lead you to contravene casino rules and see yourself blocked from their site. Often this can come as a severe loss to you, as certain credits may be confiscated.

Below are some of the things that casinos frown upon. It would serve you well to educate yourself on these “taboo” practices, so as not to make the same mistakes yourself.

Creating multiple accounts

Often, bonuses will limit a bonus to one person. In some cases, it may even be restricted to one bonus per household. People have tried to skirt around this rule by creating multiple accounts with different email addresses. They then opt to use different payment providers to make it seem that they are different people. This type of deceitful behaviour is against the terms and conditions of bonus use and the casino may take drastic action against you.

The casino will easily catch you, as their servers monitor your IP address. Multiple users from one IP address will be flagged, and you will receive an alert from the casino, asking you to explain yourself. There may be a valid reason, such as a friend using your IP address, but the final decision on whether they ban you from their site or not is up to them.

Saving bonuses

When signing up for a bonus, use it. Casinos are not in favour of you saving them and using them in conjunction with later rewards to boost your chances of winning. If you are repeatedly prone to this behaviour, you will find that the casino may withhold bonuses from you in the future.

Double bonus claim

Most, if not all bonuses can only be used once by a player. Players might try to claim the bonus again multiple times and even get it right. Usually, the casino server will pick up that you have used the promotion before and block you, but every so often this is not the case, and players manage to trigger it again and again.

There is a good chance that the casino will catch on. In this case, all of your bonus and prize money that you have won will be confiscated and you could face a ban from the establishment and all other partners on the same casino network.

Ignoring game restrictions

Often a casino bonus will stipulate what type of games you can play. Games like Blackjack and Poker are very often excluded from these lists as they carry a very low “house edge”, which means that the likelihood of the casino making any money off you is slim. They do not want you to go ahead and use free money on these games.

The modern casino software is supposed to be able to block you from games that are not included in the promotion. However, there is always a chance of slipping through. Penalties for these could range from credit confiscation to a casino ban.

To avoid doing this by mistake, please read the terms of your bonus rigorously before attempting to use it.

Big bet bonus abuse

Often people do not respect the number of bonus funds given to them. Because they have nothing to lose, they end up spending it too quickly by making very high wagers. They believe big wagers means big bucks. While this may be true when using your own money, you must remember that casinos offer you bonuses so that you can spend your time on the platform, learning new games and exploring new options.

This sort of bonus abuse is seen as an insult to their good faith and could result in action being taken against you. You will also find that casinos set maximum bet limits on bonuses, so pay close attention to what these are.

Many players do not realise that the gamble feature does not count as a wager towards meeting Playthrough Requirements, so do your best to avoid this slot game feature where possible.

Bonus hunting

A Guide to Casino Bonus Abuses

“Bonus Hunting” is based on playing high volatility games in the hope of making big wins quickly and then meeting the Wagering Requirements. If you lose quickly, then you move off in the “hunt” of the next bonus at another casino. In summary, it is a 3-step plan:

  1. Make a deposit and get a bonus;
  2. Start playing very aggressively on high volatility slot games;
  3. If you lose it all, you move onto the next casino in search of another bonus, but if you win big you will have created enough of a buffer to slow things down on a lower volatility game and ride out the Wagering Requirements so that you can withdraw the funds.

Though this is difficult to trace in such a short period of time, if a casino catches on to your tricks, you will face funds confiscation and banning.

Wagering requirement abuse

Although there is a slim chance that a casino would approve withdrawals prior to you meeting the Playthrough or Wagering Requirements set forth by them, the mere audacity to do so might label you as a troublemaker, provoking the casino to cut your membership short.

To avoid doing this by mistake make use of a bonus tracker (available at most sites) or contact customer service and ask them whether you qualify for a payout yet, or not.


Arbitrage is also known as matched betting. This can be done in sports betting, by wagering on all the possible outcomes. It is a way for players to make guaranteed profits from free money bonuses.

Attempting to do it on one network will bring consequences if caught. You will face a ban from the entire network, as well as confiscation of funds.

CasinoWow conclusion

There is no concise list of “bad practices” found on online casino sites, but there are set terms and conditions. These vary from casino to casino, which makes things a lot more complicated. A stay-safe tip would be to play simple and do not try and be clever. Read the requirements thoroughly and remember the points above.

Remember a casino does not need an excuse to withhold payouts, so do not give them the slightest bit of doubt that you are a “straight-up” player.

CasinoWow truly recommends that you stay far away from these practices above at casinos. Abide by the ethical values of the industry to avoid unnecessary stress and frustration. Gambling should be treated as a great means of entertainment, not a greedy practice of manipulation.

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