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Guide to different themes of online slots

Published by Niki | March 26, 2019 | Last updated: May 29, 2023

Online Slots and their different themes

Due to the massive popularity of the online slot game arena, it should not come as a huge surprise that these games encompass many different classifications and genres. In this guide, we wish to introduce you to the main themes and genres of slot games available on the internet, currently. Having a good understanding of what sorts of slots there are out there, will make it easier for you to filter past the titles that truly would not interest you, and assist you in finding a better match for your personality and preference.

This guide is not an exhaustive list of all of the themes and sub-themes available, but we have selected 12 of the most popular genres to present to you so that you can start your online slot adventure with confidence.

Guide to Different Themes of Online Slots

Action Adventure Slots

Action Adventure slots encompass every type of slot game that may appeal to the adventurer in you. From Safari Slots like Savanna King to treasure hunting slots like Treasure Island; superhero games like Natural Powers, or Cops and Robbers type games.

We find that such themes are nicely complemented by 3D styled graphics and tremendous bonus rounds to add to the thrill of the adventurer in you.

Ancient Civilization Slots

Now, this is a well-saturated genre of the slot. There is no shortage of slots themed around historical wars, ancient cities, Egyptian catacombs and ruins, Roman history and Greek heroes. Throw around titles like Cleopatra, Rome’s Riches, Fortunes of Sparta, Call of the Coliseum and Ramesses Riches, and you will get a good taste for some of these game types. But, the stand-out slot in this genre is Gonzo’s Quest, which embraces the hunt for Mayan Riches. This 3D Slot stands out above many of its peers for its gameplay, quality and special features.

Asian and Chinese Slots

The Orient dwells on spiritual understandings of fortune and luck. These are two of the foremost qualities and virtues needed when gambling online; this is why Asian and Chinese styled slots have done so well in the online slots arena. Game providers like Red Tiger Gaming have put most of their efforts into this type of slot genre, encouraging you to play on their reels sets by inadvertently luring you towards their good luck charms, such as golden lions, lucky dragons, fortune-filled golden ingots, lotus flowers, and lucky number 8’s.

Branded Slots

Often slot game providers will produce a game in homage to a well-known star or celebrity, or in favour of a famous brand or item etc. The Michael Jackson slots spring to mind when thinking of popular slots along branded slots theme. Here thematic symbols that connect the player with the brand are almost always adopted onto the reel set icons, to create feelings of Nostalgia. Elvis themed slots will appeal to an even older crowd and Bruce Lee games to the lovers of all things to do with Martial Arts. So, even within this theme, the target market is wide, and the diversity of titles is plentiful.

Fantasy Slots

Fairies, elves, orcs, trolls, dragons, dwarves, and wizards all need their place in the swing of things and can be found in titles like Orc’s Battle, Pixies of the Forest, and Fairies Forest slots. Fantasy slots will, therefore, encompass all of these other-worldly slot games that appeal to a huge number of players worldwide. The fantasy genre has increased in popularity since movies like ‘Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter” were released on film over the past decade and a half. The allure of escaping to another magical world is a form of mystical adventure that many aspire to.

Holiday Slots

Holiday-themed slots include titles that celebrate special holiday times, like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day etc. These kinds of slots always do well to get patrons in the mood for the current holiday season. Casinos promote these games, in season, throughout the year and often attach decent bonuses for playing demarcated seasonal titles.

For warm Yuletide charm, try out Merry Xmas from Play'n GO for a classic Christmas holiday offering, or Immortal Romance by Microgaming to send a shiver up your spine this Halloween.

Horror Slots

Horror slots encompass all things scary, ghostly, spooky, devious and frightful. If you are a fan of scary movies and books, then these types of slots may be right up your alley. There are some less scary and more comedic monster themed slots available too, like Monster Wins, which presents the lighter side of this dark genre. So, for a chance to win ‘scary’ amounts of money, have a look through our directory of horror slots.

Irish Slots

There ain’t nothin’ like a little ‘Luck of the Irish’. Try your hand at Emerald Isle or Finn and the Swirly to get a true taste of this slot genre. Common good luck charms used on these reels usually include four-leafed shamrocks, rainbows, pots o’ gold, fairies, and leprechauns. Usually catching the leprechaun will win you amazingly wild rewards.

These slots are commonly adorned in green with glints of gold to tell of the fortunes that lie in wait upon the reel spins.

Medieval Slots

Among the best of these are Avalon and Avalon 2, which embrace the theme of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Take a trip back to the days of Kings, Knights, Jesters, catapults, and other Dark Age revolts. This is what makes up the theme of ‘Medieval Styled Slots’.

Not all the titles are so serious though. Take for instance Castle Builder 2. It is a game that deals with expanding your kingdom, building castles, and marrying off princesses to knightly suitors. Aside from being a well-liked, light-hearted game, it is a rare game of online slot genius.

Film Slots

Film slots rank amongst the most popular slots played online. A number of movies have been turned into slots offerings. They carry a great variety of special features in them, which are taken from TV shows and movies to provide a truly authentic and unique playing experience. Just off the top of our heads, we think of slots like Ruby Slippers, which is taken from the original hit film ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Then there is the classical action slot, Terminator 2, which is bursting with cyborg fun and fun-filled features. Others, like Jurassic Park, The Avengers, Sherlock of London and many, many more can envelope envelop you in the action of the big screen, even though you’re playing on a small screen.

Mythological Slots

A bit of escapism never did anybody any harm. Mythological slots will not only transport you back in time but will lead you into fables of the past that stretch beyond the mundane and into the super-natural supernatural. Mythological slots will either take you back to re-visit the gods of ancient Egypt or involve you in the action of the ancient gods and Titans of Greek or Norse mythology. Don’t miss out on titles like Zeus II or Medusa II, if you seek to be united with your favourite myths and legends, in a quest for riches.

Summertime Slots

Finally, we have chosen to end off our slot theme list with the bright and vibrant theme of Summer Slots which can only produce hot wins. Summertime is such a pleasurable time of the year, as it almost always reminds us of vacation time. Escape your reality and spin the reels of Aloha! Cluster Pays by NetEnt to get a taste of what this genre has in store for you.

Take a look at all games of these popular slot themes and explore further their gaming experience:

In conclusion

Though the online slot arena cannot be restricted to the above 12 categories only, this selection of themes will most assuredly introduce you to slot types that will appeal to an array of different tastes. Please feel free to take a gander through our library of online slots at CasinoWow to find offerings to match your mood.

Play slots in free play mode, before you decide to stake your hard-earned money on a title that you do not enjoy.

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