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Trophies and Collectables

Published by Kally | April 1, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

Trophies and Collectables at social casinos

Social Casino Games have been pulling players from across the globe since the start. These games hold major appeal because of all they offer players. Players get to indulge in free play casino action that is combined with the best elements of social media.

Social Casinos for fun are still relatively new and make use of online slots technology that allows players to get in on the online casino experience without gambling for money. The games are played purely for fun and competition. Social Casinos are bound to social media platforms such as Facebook, and their main purpose is to provide entertainment while killing time.

Social Casino games have quickly taken over social sites, and more and more players are flocking towards these games because of the fun incentives they offer. Just like real gambling these games come with added extras which can help players make their way to the top.

Outsmart the competition

One of the biggest drives behind social online casino games is competition. Players get to enjoy fun games while keeping score and trying to collect the highest number of trophies or other collectables. The goal is to become the best and highest ranking playing among your friends.
The added perk is that with these free games, players get to build their expertise without having to spend any money. If you’re looking for a way to gain confidence in gambling without having to make any real money transactions, then social casino gaming is perfect.

The whole idea behind Social Casinos is for you to play with your friends and even make new friends through playing. You don’t have to be close to them to get the social experience; each of you can enjoy this fun bonding experience from anywhere at any time.

Players can chat through chat applications or keep others aware of their score and standing in a game by sharing it on their social networks like Facebook. Of course, some games even have a table to show where you are on the ranking list compared to your friends.

Then there is something even better that makes Social Online Casinos even more alluring for players: the collectables and trophies waiting to be claimed.

Trophies and Collectables at Social Casinos
Trophies and collectables at online Social Casinos.

About Trophies and Collectables

These social casino games don’t offer real money wins, but they offer trophies and collectables which include extra gear or features for your avatar, free games and other cool collectables. The idea is to keep players driven and motivated to play.

The more you play, the higher you will climb up the ranks and increase your chances of earning more trophies or other collectables. While each social casino offers different trophies and collectables the base idea behind it remains the same.

Online casino example

This online casino has a 20-level system, and each player starts off on level one. To complete a level and move on to the next you need to gain a certain number of points which can only be done through playing games, winning and other fun activities.

Once you start playing social casino games you will find a page with greyed out icons on it underneath your avatar. Generally, this is your “home page” which shows all your achievements and all the key trophies and collectables you’ve unlocked. If you hover over the icons it will also give you information on what you need to do to obtain these trophies.

Each new level brings bigger and better rewards. Trophies are given to players for completing certain tasks such as for example logging in or returning to the casino. Trophies can be awarded for playing for a certain time period, for playing every day, or for playing one week straight. Most casinos also give you an avatar which you can improve as you climb the levels. The idea behind it is to create a fun playing environment where you can achieve certain goals to claim rewards.

Other collectables are given when you as a player complete a quest or activity. These collectables are only awarded when certain tasks are complete, and with each task, you complete the difficulty meter on the tasks still available goes up.

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Some social casinos award certain titles and rewards such as a new accessory for your avatar each time you reach a certain number of wins. These wins will start at a small number, as low as 250, but will increase dramatically each time you reach a reward point. There are even rewards handed out for players who manage to make a certain number of wins in a certain time frame, for instance, 24 hours or even 60 minutes.

The idea is to keep it competitive, whether you are playing against friends or your own competitive nature. Winning isn’t everything but it sure is fun, especially if you have nothing to lose. In some rare cases, there are even big rewards such as cash prizes or other freebies for players who manage to hit the impossible targets, but these are rare and have to be worked for.

Social element

The fun thing about social online casinos is that you get to enjoy it with friends, and sometimes there’s even a little teamwork required to reach a certain target or claim a certain reward. If you use Candy Crush as an example, this game was all the craze back in the day and players could watch their progress and also that of their friends with each new level they unlocked. Some missions such as entering a new Candy Zone required that you get three tickets to board the train. These tickets were only obtained by waiting a certain time period, or by sending friends a request to award you a ticket.

Again these came at no additional cost for either party, but it did require some interaction and waiting. The anticipation in waiting to continue only increases the pleasure of playing once you finally get to continue with your game.

Social Casinos provide players with a unique experience that makes you feel like a winner without the worry of going into debt or becoming addicted. The missions are easy yet intricate and keep players on their toes. Each new challenge awards a certain collectable or trophy, which helps you move closer to the next level.

Those looking for a way to experience what online casinos bring to the table without having to play real money to do so will find social online casinos the perfect destination. It’s fun, it’s free and pretty soon your biggest mission will be to complete the tasks, no matter how small or silly, just to add another trophy or collectable to your page.

Alternatively, you can read more about what social casinos for real money are in our guide to make the difference.

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