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What are Mobile Casinos

Published by Niki | January 11, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

Mobile Casinos - a deep review

The world of online gambling has been booming since its inception in 1994. It caused a major revolution in the gambling industry, by nullifying the need to physically go to an actual land-based casino to play your favourite table games and slots.

The casino was made available for your very own tabletop at home, as gaming was now made available through casino sites, to play on your laptop or desktop PC. It turned out to be a radical breakthrough in both technology and convenience. The market has since grown into a giant, with thousands of online casinos available online.

Exactly a decade later, in 2004, we saw the introduction of the unthinkable – the very first mobile casino. This introduction to the market was initially met with much criticism from online gambling leaders in the industry, but the public responded with arms wide open to the initiative, which has since seen the mobile industry begin to give the standard online industry a run for their money. Fortunately, most online casinos today can be also enjoyed as mobile casinos.

Nowadays, most online casinos support mobile casinos.
Mobile casinos provide you the freedom to play your favorite games from everywhere on your mobile device.

What is a mobile casino?

Like online casinos, mobile casinos are based on gambling online, but instead of being restricted by your PC or laptop, mobile gambling involves using your mobile device to play your favourite casino games for real money.

A mobile casino is, therefore, an optimised internet site designed to work in tandem with the technology found inside of mobile phones and tablets. The software compatibility is designed predominantly on iOS and Android software (but in some instances do not exclude Blackberry).

This platform has basically put the casino in your pocket for gaming on the go. Life is so busy these days, with people needing to perform a balancing act, by juggling work, family, and fun. Not as much time can be put into the things that you enjoy.

Casinos on the go sure make it easy for you to enjoy your gambling time whenever you have a spare moment. The time you spend waiting in a queue or commuting in a train or bus, or in your tea break at work, can be optimised by winning Poker hands, or rolling slot reels. Mobile-casino-optimised entertainment is there to be used when it suits you. Mobile is recognised far and wide as being “the way of the future”.

Advantages of mobile casinos

There are actually several advantages to playing on mobile overplaying on the normal online segment. These are:


As stated earlier, gaming on the go is quick and convenient, allowing you to play for real money while fulfilling other tasks. Playing from the palm of your hand leaves you open to multi-task so that you do not miss out on the rest of life.


Nowadays there is a huge selection of games available to play on your tablet or phone. Games providers like “Microgaming” have gone back to some of their best slot games to make them available on the mobile platform, while others, like gaming giant “NetEnt”, have taken it upon themselves to prioritise the mobile segment of games. This has led to them launching their mobile offerings before the desktop versions are even available.

Other providers often produce “mobile-only games”, which is an indicator that “mobile” certainly is the way the future is going. The variety of mobile casino games available to play has also expanded drastically to include:

Video Slots, Classic Slots, Vegas Slots, Progressive Slots, etc


When comparing a mobile game to its online game counterpart, you may notice differences in the game controls and screen layout. This is due to the fact that mobile games have been optimised for palm-top playing, so controls are placed strategically for finger access. The game engine has also been modified to account for touch screen technology.

Promotions: Because of the popularity of mobile gambling today, competition has become rife among casinos. This obviously leads to aggressive marketing promotions geared towards winning players over to their sites. Casinos make use of “Casino Bonuses” as their promotional tools and players enjoy many mobile casino bonuses. Though there are generally several bonuses offered by a specific casino on any given day, you are likely to receive far more offers at mobile casinos. Make use of these to introduce yourself to the mobile segment of gaming.


Modern technology has a lot to do with the success that mobile casinos are experiencing. Some of the technological advancements include:

Device hardware

Although the gameplay was initially very spotty in the past, the advances in the technology of device software is a major factor in the success of mobile casino gaming today. Mobile phones now sport high-resolution displays with multi-core processing units and a lot of RAM to aid in the computing of high-intensity data and graphics, without a struggle.

Internet connections

A major advancement in internet connection is another factor that has played a massive role in the success of this segment of gaming. In the past, mobile phones were dependent upon data loads that would have to be purchased and put onto the device. This would often operate at very slow 2G speeds, which made it very difficult for devices to process heavy data easily.

Today, smartphone devices can be coupled to your household WIFI network, to give your phone access to broadband internet speeds. Even standard data connections have improved, as most major cellular network providers worldwide offer 4G LTE wireless internet connections.

Device applications

Everyone who has a smartphone or tablet will be familiar with mobile phone “apps”. These help you run such things as internet banking, calendars, message services, emails, and multimedia services on your phone. You can now download an “app” for your favourite casino too so that you can access the entertainment with a tap on the screen.

A mobile application basically takes a standard program and compresses it to make it mobile-friendly. It translates data from the online form to mobile form to optimise the performance of the device. Mobile casinos will generally contain a link to either the “Google Play Store” or “iStore” in order for you to download a favourable app from the site.

HTML5 mobile browser

Modern advances in browser technology have led us to HTML5. This is a mobile-friendly internet browser designed to communicate with smart devices specifically so that there is no needed to load any more apps to your phones if you do not want to.

Our phones and tablets are already so cluttered with apps to run the things we need. HTML5 Browser technology does away with the need for me to use an “app” at all. I can just log onto the browser as I would with a laptop and play straight from the internet.

The only disadvantage of this form of play is the amount of internet data it eats through, but if you are connected to a WiFi network with no cap, it is certainly the best way to access mobile casinos.

iOS vs Android

The leaders in the mobile device software industry are the iOS network, which drives all of Apple’s devices such as iPhones and iPads, and Android, which runs just about every other device out there, except for “Blackberries” and some other “Windows Phones”.

Although many mobile casino sites support both Android and iOS, there are many dedicated casino sites available for either one or the other device. These sites often make use of either unique apps found at the “Apple iStore”, or at Android’s “Play Store”.

Should you be wanting to play on the browser via your mobile, you will need to use “Google Chrome” as a browser via Android or play via “Safari” for your iPhone. This way you can enjoy playing both at iPhone Casinos and Android Mobile Casinos

Though it is difficult to separate the two devices as far as the way in which they perform, Android is the more popular software worldwide. The platform seems more jacked up for casino use too, with regular updates available to maintain the smoothest gameplay. For more detailed information on the iOS vs Android debate, please read our Guide on “iPhone vs Android Casinos”.

Is it safe?

You will be happy to know that mobile devices are less inclined to pick up viruses online, which may be malicious to your software and weaken your firewalls, normally. Even so, it is advised that you install an Anti-Virus onto your phone for extra protection.

Most Casino apps come with a list of secure payment methods that are highly encrypted for your safety. Casinos in our Mobile Casino Games are reputable brands that offer the same SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data encryption algorithms that are used in standard online casinos and banks. This means that your identity, money, and details are completely safe while using their services.

How to get started

So, what’s stopping you? Open your account today at your favourite mobile casino, to start taking the advantage of “gambling on the go”. If you don’t know how to go about it, have a look below at the several steps you can take to become an instant mobile gambling guru.

  1. Find a reputable casino: Look through our reputable online casino list and select a casino that suits you.
  2. Sign Up: You will need to register an account with the casino in order to play there. There is generally a section in the menu on the home page that will say “Sign Up”. Click on it. Follow the prompts. This will probably include providing: A valid email address; a unique username; a unique password to protect your account.
  3. Choose a Payment Option: Enter your preferred method of payment and withdrawal. These methods will usually include popular banking options that most online casinos will use. For more information on which method might suit you, please read our guide on “Top tips for safe deposits and withdrawals at casinos”.
  4. Verify Your Account: An email will be sent to you with a link to verify your account and identity. Click on this link and the casino will automatically set up your account for you.

NB: If you already have an online account at a casino that supports mobile play as well, you can use your pre-existing login details for your mobile device. You will find that your bankroll and details will all reflect in the same way they would on your PC or laptop.


If you have a desire to gamble on the go and you have an up-to-date mobile device, then nothing is stopping you from signing up to the world of mobile casino gambling, today. Play your favourite slot offering or table game from your palm-top and begin to reap the rewards of great entertainment.

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