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Player wins a three-year court battle against Betfred Casino

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Andrew Green wins a three-year court battle against Betfred Casino for their refusal to pay out his jackpot win.

Playing online casino games is all about fun and entertainment with the dream of striking jackpot wins.

Some players that experience the thrill of winning do not always receive their jackpot winnings from the casino.

For one man, this led to a court battle that lasted three years, after Betfred Casino refused to pay out his £1.7 million jackpot win.

The road to victory

Andrew Green, from Lincolnshire, won a whopping £1.7 million jackpot playing at Betfred Casino in 2018.

The victory of the moment was short-lived as Green was told there would be no pay-out due to a "defect" in the game.

Devasted, Green felt robbed by the casino. He then took legal action at the High Court in London.

Mr Green got stuck in a court case that took almost three years. Now in April 2021, the punter can finally enjoy his winnings.

The court battle is over and the judge ruled in his favour ensuring that the casino pays out the full jackpot amount.

Green states he did nothing other than play the game. There was no wrongdoing on his side. One moment he received 'congratulations' messages and the next the millions were gone.

The judge ruled in his favour making sure Mr Green will finally receive his well-deserved pay-out as well as interest. Betfred will have to pay out his jackpot win, full interest, and all Green's legal costs.

Green reveals that the past three years has been what can be seen as 'hell on earth' and that he simply felt numb after the ruling.

He struck the lucky jackpot while playing Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven Blackjack game in January 2018.

Green is happy it is all over and done with and made it clear that the results are not just a win for him, but for everybody.

After three years of battling in court, the lucky winner looks forward to popping some champagne and finally celebrating his win with loved ones.

The battles are continuous

Andrew Green is not the first casino player to have struck a massive win, only to have it snatched away shortly thereafter.

In the passing years, many players have felt the short-lived joy from triggering wins they will never see.

For a 25-year-old single mom, Kimberley Griffiths, the disappointment came from playing at LuckyVegas.com. She hit £10,000 after which she was told that due to insufficiency of account security, the casino would not pay. The winner submitted all correct documentation to the casino and contacted support. Griffiths planned on using the wins to spoil her three young kids, instead, she ended up with frustration and disappointment.

For one player, the disappointment came from the land-based casino Winstar in Thackerville. He won a mere $1,625 which the casino refused to pay. The reasoning for the refusal was a small tear in the ID presented.

Another woman struck an $8.5 million jackpot playing Jurassic Riches at the Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Washington. Veronica Castillo won the millions after putting $100 in the machine back in 2015. The casino denied the win telling Castillo that it was an error and the machine malfunctioned.

Many players in land-based and online casinos have experienced the misfortune of striking a win only to hear it was a 'mistake' or that they do not qualify due to different reasons.

Not everybody is as lucky as Mr Green who will finally receive his massive win after three years spent battling it out in court.

Published: April 11, 2021

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