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4 ways to spot an online casino’s red flags

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Don’t get caught playing at an unsafe online casino. Here’s how to make sure that you only choose the best options.

We’ve all been there. You’re keen to explore what the world of online casinos has to offer, but you’re not sure where to start… You head to your browser, Google “top online casinos,” and decide to choose one that looks the most exciting. It even has a big welcome bonus to claim!

But wait—are you sure that casino is safe? Do you know if it’s a dodgy deal? Here are four ways to tell whether you’re playing at a safe online casino.

Step 1 - Check the Licensing

So you’ve chosen an online casino and are visiting its homepage. To ensure you’re playing with a safe operator in your best interests, start by searching for the information for its license

Generally, this information can be found at the bottom of every page. It could be in the form of a badge or icon, but it should also be a line of text stating where the casino is licensed and the license number. You should have all of the information you need without searching too hard.

No licensing listed on the site? That’s red flag number 1!

Step 2 - Research the casino’s reputation

Do you know that Taylor Swift song that says, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in”? Now, let’s talk about online casinos because if you smell something fishy, your nose may be right.

A quick internet search should reveal what other players have experienced with the online casino you’re considering. You can take a look at review sites or check out Blacklisted Casino pages to learn why this particular casino is a bad idea.

Bad reputation on the internet? Red flag number 2!

Step 3 - Where’s the security?

Like every good relationship, you need a little security to feel safe. And with online casinos, security is a big deal. When you deposit and withdraw real money from a site that you know very little about, you want to feel comfortable that you’re in good hands.

Take a look at the URL bar. Do you see a lock and https? If not, you’re not in safe hands. SSL encryption and a TSL certificate are the basics online casinos require to ensure that every transaction is secure.

Another form of security is the availability of trusted deposit and withdrawal methods. A casino with only one or two basic options (or options you’ve never heard of) should not be trusted.

No website or transaction security? That’s red flag number 3!

Step 4 - Dodgy terms and conditions

Don’t be blinded by the flashing lights of a big bonusеs & promotions. Although it may be tempting, take a moment to pause and read through the terms and conditions.

  1. What are the wagering requirements?
  2. Do you only have a few days to complete the offer?
  3. Are the T&Cs unclear on what’s required?

If you can’t tell heads from tails while reading the on-site terms and conditions, don’t opt in to claim the bonus. You risk losing your deposit and potentially exposing yourself to even more trouble.

Are the T&Cs a mess? That’s red flag number 4!

To sum up

While most blacklisted online casinos are unlicensed and potentially won’t pay out any winnings, others can be bad news. Instead of just keeping your winnings, they could be a front to steal your credit card information or worse. It’s simply not worth the hassle.

If you want to get even more details and strategies, take a look at our guide on how to check if you are playing at a legal online casino.

Instead, opt for a trusted and licensed online casino that offers plenty of fun ways to play while also keeping your personal information safe! At CasinoWow, we have plenty of great options; make sure to check them out.

Published: May 17, 2024

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