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Casino fashion - What to wear for a night at the Casino

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The dress code, how it has changed and knowing what to wear when visiting a land-based casino.

There’s a saying that first impressions last, and when you’re going out, you’re always looking to catch the eye of those around you.

The dress code for many establishments has changed quite a lot over the years, including casinos. For decades, formal wear has been a requirement, but more recently, it seems they’ve been easing up.

If you’re thinking of heading to the casino but have no idea what to wear, we’ve got you covered.

No more formalwear

It seems like many moons ago that nearly all land-based casinos had strict rules in place regarding dress codes. You were not allowed into the establishment if you did not come in the appropriate attire.

For most casinos, this would be formal wear, if they were nice, it would be semi-formal. Think Hollywood or prom night.

Something you won’t find yourself wearing on a regular night out. On the bright side, it would be a great excuse to wear a tuxedo or that beautiful dress gathering dust in the closet. Especially, if you are going to one of the top land-based casinos worldwide.

While formal attire like the black tie is no longer the required dress code, you can still put on your suit and fancy dress.

Casinos prefer stylish wear over slacks. Rather avoid the latter if you can, as many casinos might still show you the door if you attempt to enter with those.

When in doubt, go all out

In general, casinos tend to have a similar dress code policy. You’ll find that the majority of mid-range casinos have a smart casual dress code. With the preference being smart rather than casual.

In the higher profile or more exclusive casinos, the dress code will go up a notch, and you’ll be expected to dress smart formal. The idea is to look sophisticated so you can fit in with the casino aesthetic.

No matter what type of casino you visit, the staff will always look phenomenal. They want visitors to lead by example.

In some regions, you might be required to cover up a little more or wear additional items of clothing. It’s always best to do your research on a casino and what to wear before you visit.

An absolute no-go

While you can still live out your fantasy of being a movie star, dressing like Marilyn Monroe or James Bond during your visit to the casino. Moreover, a lot of the fashion is inspired by casino movies, just like there are games films and TV series themed. But still, there are some outfits and items we recommend you rather leave at home.

Most casinos have eased up on strict dress codes, but there are house rules that restrict some types of outfits and clothing. Each casino will be different, but if casinos are near one another, you will find a lot of similarities.

The majority of casinos do not allow you to enter the establishment wearing shorts or flip-flops. In some areas, such as the Macau casinos, you will not be allowed to enter the casinos wearing sportswear. It’s also preferable to leave your beanie and ripped jeans at home.

The casino dress code might have been a pain years ago, but in a time where you don’t always have the excuse to dress up, it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s the perfect excuse to take that extra 20 minutes and really go all out with your outfit.

Even if it is just one night, you’ll get to live out your Hollywood dream.

Is there a dress code for Live Casinos online?

Live online casino games shouldn’t come with a dress code as you’re playing from home, right? Well, in most cases, there is no dress code, but there is also a thing such as a casino etiquette. And an expectancy to look decent.

When you enter any live casino game, you will always find the croupiers looking tidy, clean, and formal. While you don’t have to grab your evening gown to play games at some of the best live casinos online, be respectful and wear a smile to make sure that playing is fun for all.

Published: August 22, 2022

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