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Evolution debuts first NFT Megaways slot with Red Tiger

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Evolution leads the way with new innovation, creating the first NFT focused Megaways slot, NFT Megaways.

Cryptocurrency is quickly growing more popular and finding its feet in the online gambling industry.

More online casinos are adopting it as a payment method and now software providers are innovating in terms of game creation.

Evolution is the first to create an online slot with a focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in hopes of stepping into the online crypto craze.

Evolution and Red Tiger lead the way

Evolution Gaming is paving the way for fellow operators with the creation of the first NFT slot. In their latest release, they integrate four unique CryptoPunk digital artworks into an NFT Megaways title. This new title will launch via Red Tiger Gaming.

NFT Megaways is an arcade-style slot dedicated to raising awareness for NFTs. The game creation came after Evolution purchased four digital artworks (CryptoPunks) by Larval Labs production. In the game, they make various references to the crypto space and crypto adoption. It serves as a tribute to both NFTs and digital artworks.

When playing the slot, you will find the assets known as CryptoPunks 914, 3008, 4701 and 8143. What is interesting is that as standalone artwork these NFTs are unique pieces of digital code built into the Ethereum blockchain.

By adding these artworks to the game, Evolution and Red Tiger managed to combine two development choices that instantly set the game apart. They did this by using NFT inspired art and combining it with the use of the Megaways mechanic.

Evolution strives for innovation on all fronts

Evolution Gaming is the king of live casinos, and with the recent acquisition of NetEnt and Red Tiger, they are quickly expanding into the world of online slots. According to Evolution's chief product officer, Todd Haushalter, it is their ability to innovate that keeps them ahead of the opposition.

“At Evolution, we have a long record of innovation and being first with distinctively different new ideas. With all of our group brands, our goal is always to offer players the most feature-rich and vivid gameplay possible," commented Haushalter.

He continued by explaining that the chief focus of the slot is to be original and creative and that is precisely why the CryptoPunk NFTs turned out to be a great pick for the company.

One of the interesting things about the game is that it does not make use of any blockchain features. It only serves as a promotional tool creating awareness for NFTs which are a booming market. The team is confident that the game will not only set a new trend but also appeal to slot lovers across the globe.

To play the game requires no knowledge or understanding of the NFT sector. With the welcome screen, you are shown that your only objective is to 'Get Punks, Get Rich.' The game uses arcade graphics and 2D visuals which truly bring the arcade feel to life.

Another great attribute of the game is that while it plays the same as any other Megaways title, it has a slightly higher RTP. In the user interface, there is a range of references to the crypto sector. You will find symbols for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. There is even a tribute to Tesla's armoured vehicle, Cybertruck, and Twitter that intends to become more involved within the crypto space.

Evolution and Red Tiger is paving the way with this latest innovation and there is great excitement to see what new developments come after this initial release of the NFT Megaways slot.

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