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Are young people at risk due to unregulated eSports gambling ads?

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New research shows that young people are at risk of gambling harm due to ads that glorify esports gambling.

It has been said time and time again that gambling is not to be taken lightly. The act of gambling, whether spinning the reels of online slots or betting on your favourite sports, should be a form of entertainment. And that entertainment is only for adults.

The online casino industry is moving towards making gambling an adults-only space that shouldn’t put young people in harm's way. This means many regulations are in place and adjustments are being made to the way advertising runs and how games are created


However, the same regulations are not in place when it comes to the esports industry and it’s putting young people at risk.

Problem gambling is no laughing matter

Gambling is a form of entertainment that should be a lot of fun. The aim is for all gamblers to use online casino games as a way to kick back and enjoy their time without the risk of being harmed by their time gambling.

Because of this, a lot of focus has been put on making sure that young people are not tempted to try their hand at gambling online. Due to the nature of online slots and the many themes available, young people may be drawn to the bright lights and fun characters. It’s because of this that regulations have been put in place to remove these elements and protect young people as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the same is not being done in the esports market, where the very games being bet on are video games filled with characters that are created to specifically draw younger generations.

Compared to the laws set out by regulators such as the UKGC for the online casino market, the esports market has far too little holding them back.

Should all esports ads be banned?

A recent study by the University of Bristol revealed that esports gambling ads are causing harm to young people as they are far too appealing.

“Importantly, the current regulations do not address these types of advertising at all. The esports market is forecast to exceed a billion dollars this year. It has an audience of 500 million people, most of them young people. The regulations need to be reformed as a matter of urgency,” said the university’s chair of marketing, Professor Agnes Nairn.

Due to the nature of esports and the games that are played, it would be almost impossible to create ads that didn’t feature the characters and gameplay used. Because of this, there are experts in the field that suggest banning esports ads entirely may be the only way to force change in the industry.

Whether or not this would be the best option, remains to be seen, but it’s very clear that a change in regulations is a must in order to protect young people with responsible gambling before it’s too late.

Betting responsibly

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Published: November 23, 2021

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