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Lucky objects and superstitions around the world

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If you need something a little extra, learn about the different objects that people from across the globe consider to be lucky.

Luck comes in many forms, and worldwide cultures consider symbols and colours of all kinds to bring extra fortune.

In order to increase the outcome of a wager in the online casinos, many players cultivate lucky plants, while others take care to treat lucky animals with respect.

Let's take a look at the objects and symbols considered to bring extra fortune. Whether you want to wear a particular colour while playing at online casinos or you simply need a boost in everyday life, this is for you.

Luck of the Irish

Across the United Kingdom, but particularly in Ireland, it's well known that four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, and the colour green all promote good luck. It's one of the many reasons why those features are so spread in the most popular Irish casino games

While many people only consider the four-leaf clover to bring luck, the Irish actually believe that all clovers, also known as shamrocks, are filled with good fortune.

Canadian luck

Ireland may take the cake when it comes to the four-leaf clover, but it's also seen as a symbol of luck in Canada. However, another lucky charm loved by many is the Lucky Loonie. 

A relatively new object, the Lucky Loonie is believed to have helped the men's and women's hockey teams win the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Since then, people have worn the gold coin as jewellery or used it to make a wish when tossing it into a fountain. If you have one, definitely try your luck at the best Canadian casino games.

Trolls in Norway

Many may not think of trolls as being particularly lucky, but in Norway, it's the good luck charm of choice! The strange and rather adorable mythical creature is said to bring good luck to any person that owns one.

Those cuties are the main characters in Norway’s online slots.

Finnish symbols

In Finland, the Hannunvaakuna is an ancient symbol that is also known as Saint John's Arms. Others may know it as the command-key symbol as it appears on Apple computers. However, this symbol is believed to protect the owner from evil spirits and ward off bad luck.

It can be found all across Finland, carved into wood and silverware, and worn as jewellery. Try to find out whether it will protect you while playing the top Finnish online games.

Horsing around in Sweden

The Swedes have a long and rich history filled with ancient practices and beliefs. The Dalecarlian horse is believed to be a symbol of good luck and is often found linked to Pagan traditions and appears in the graves of Vikings.

Take a ride into the adventurous lands of Sweden's top online slots.

Take a bite out of Germany

While the rest of the world may want to keep their good luck symbols around for as long as possible, Germans seem more inclined to take a bite out of them instead.

Pigs and clovers are often made out of marzipan and dished out on New Year's for extra luck throughout the year. The phrase "Schwein haben" or "to have a pig" is another way of saying that someone is lucky. 

It's believed that when someone lost while gambling in the middle ages, a pig was given as a consolation prize to lessen the sting.

Additionally, you can tuck into the delicious world of German casino games.

Lucky in India

India is one of the most vibrant and colourful countries in the world, so it makes sense that they place a lot of luck on different colours.

You can also get into the colourful adventure with India's top online casino games.

While the majestic elephant is a revered animal and said to bring good luck, there are also a number of different colours that should be worn when you want to keep bad luck at bay. Lucky colours include yellow, bright red, and orange.

Play like a Kiwi

When it comes to luck, New Zealand knows how to cash in on as many symbols as possible. The country definitely goes for quantity and quality with a wide range of colours, animals, and charms to keep the good luck rolling in. New Zealand’s online casino games keep most of those symbols in the features.

New Zealanders are very fond of the quokka, an adorable smiling macropod that seems to love humans. The animal is protected and considered good luck.

Colours, including black, white or silver, and red ochre, also play a big part in keeping bad luck away.

Put a hex on bad luck in the Netherlands

While the word "hex" may not sound very lucky, in the Netherlands, the hex is a symbol that brings luck, fertility, success, and good ideas. It comes in many different colours, and based on the colour you choose, it could have different outcomes. Check them out across the Dutch online games world.

For instance, if you're looking for luck in love and health, the colour yellow is your best bet.

Chinese good luck

All across China and most of Japan, red is the ultimate symbol of good luck. It's featured in most Asian online slots, found at casinos, and worn by those who want a good day.

Other popular lucky animals include the koi, frogs, and the waving cat or maneki-neko, also known as the beckoning cat.

Published: May 2, 2023

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