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The rise of eSports betting and what the future holds

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Esports betting has seen some incredible growth in recent years. But what does it hold for the future?

Esports betting has seen some incredible growth in recent years. It was only back in 2015 when online betting sites started to list eSport betting markets and nowadays every reputable sports betting site offers Esport betting options.

The sport itself has also risen in popularity thanks to marketing, prize money and mainstream media. Esports is now one of the biggest betting markets in the world of gambling.

We have seen many mainstream sports betting brands sponsor huge Esport events and even sponsor and fund eSport teams, such as Betway.

This betting brand is one of the first to put so much attention on its eSport betting offering, establishing itself as one of the top Esport betting sites.

Will Esports gambling keep growing?

Although Esports is now considered mainstream, it still has a lot of room to grow.

The Esport events are getting bigger and better, the teams are getting stronger, and the funding is getting larger. The sport itself has seen stadiums filled to host events and prize money reaching into the millions.

As the sport continues to grow, so will the betting market. Esports is yet to grow in some large betting markets, including the UK, but it is thriving in many top gambling regions, including Nordic countries.

Latin America has a big gaming population, but the presence of Esports is not as big as it is around Europe. Once we see Esports hit LATAM in a big way we are sure to see Esports betting become a dominating betting market.

How will Esports betting keep rising?

Many popular Esport games have taken the world and gambling world by storm.

These games include the likes of CSGO & LOL, Dota 2, League of Legends and many more.

As the games develop, so will the betting markets, we already witnessed the development of games and markets back in 2017 and we will see it again.

There are plenty of betting markets to pick from now, these all vary from game to game. As the sport keeps growing, Esport players will become more recognized and betting markets could soon open up for each Esport star.

What’s more, new games will also bring more excitement and more betting action. We can also expect to see more countries enter the world of Esports, and fight for a share of the huge prize money on offer at the big tournaments.

Is Esports the future in the online gambling world?

The rise of Esports in the world of gambling has been like no other, but this sport is reserved for a certain market. The majority of sports betting enthusiasts are not familiar with Esports.

This market is really for those who understand the sport and to understand it, you need to play it or watch it. Esports can’t compete with top sports betting markets because the sport is more enjoyed when playing it, rather than betting on it.

It’s also a very volatile betting market where there are a lot of considerations. What’s more, the sport is still young and does not carry as many fans as other sports.

The future of Esports betting

There is no doubt that more bookmakers will start offering Esport betting markets alongside the major sports betting brands.

In fact, we could see Esport betting make its way over to the online casino domain.

The online casino operator Pixel.bet is offering currently Esports betting alongside their casino platform. The dedicated Esports betting platform certainly appeals to the Esport expert and provides a user-friendly way to make bets. You can find all the best online casinos that accept Esports betting here.

The future is sure to bring a larger volume of Esport bets, with more money generated through the betting markets.

This will then result in more creative betting markets and promotions to meet the demand.

The viewership for some recent Esport events has surpassed many major sports figures, and this number will surely keep growing. Could Esports compete with some of the top sports to bet on, like football, horse racing, tennis, and the NBA? Only time will tell.

Published: July 4, 2021

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