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Twitch – the hottest streaming platform for online gamblers

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Gambling has many faces. There is the social face, which takes the form of a few buddies around a table playing poker or blackjack for a couple of bucks and then there is the land-based casino face. This is where hundreds of players populate the floors in a fairly social environment. Lastly, there’s the online gambling face.

While online gambling has embraced far newer innovations, bonus offers, features and embraces the ultimate convenience factor of playing from home, it has resulted in very lonely pass time. This is has become the case even more so thanks to the levels of isolation it has provided to players.

For some, this lonely environment is preferred, but for others, the social element of gaming has been missing. Thankfully for them, the social atmosphere in the digital gambling world is evolving for the better!

As a result of the desire for interactive gaming networks, the online casino world is starting to embrace the social gaming mechanisms that video game players have been using for a while.

While Live casino play has helped bridge the social gap when it comes to casino gameplay, it has lacked the ability to create a social network for players or to provide a meaningful connection between individuals in this interest group. However, advancements in streaming technology have gone a long way to making digital arenas far more sociable – Enter Twitch!

Who wants a Twitch?

Twitch is a social streaming platform owned by Amazon, designed for online gamers (mainly video gamers) who want to reach the masses with their gaming prowess. It provides the means for the gamer to host a channel, comprising of a network of followers who can watch and comment on the stream in progress while sitting behind their PC or mobile device at home.

For many gamers, this is the platform that is engaged when they want to learn about new gaming interests and pick up tips from content producers.

While many Twitch streamers use the channel to provide educational commentary on the games they are playing, others use it as a platform to simply chat about common interests. That’s right! Video gaming is no longer just about playing the game, but now about watching others play the game too, and online gambling is going the same way.

Perks per view

Gamblers are now able to follow other experienced players while they play the best iGames on the net. This not only gives players the ability to gain tips while watching the stream, but the users can ask questions and engage in conversations that will possibly improve their own game in the long run.

It’s also a great way of exploring new games that you are not ready to spend your money on yet. Watching the way online slots on Twitch treat someone else will help you decide if that particular title is a match for you or not.

Instead of reading through unclear game guides on a casino site, you can watch the game first-hand and ask questions about the points you are unclear on. Concepts often make the most sense when you are experiencing a title live on the screen before you.

Aside from the obvious educational advantages involved in watching streams, Twitch and other streaming channels like YouTube also allow you to connect to a network of people who have common interests. In society, this is the best way of making friends and staying engaged.

Plus, it’s a great way to make extra cash if viewers choose to subscribe to your channel for a monthly fee.

Twitch for casinos

It’s not only players that have used this platform to increase their revenue streams – but it’s also becoming a popular way for casinos to reach out to players to market their games and promote their brands. Some operators will even sponsor players who will ‘plug’ their content and send new registrations their way.

Gambling by streamers and marketing by casinos on Twitch is strictly regulated, but the company has decided not to ban betting content altogether because of the value of the gameplay element to the platform. Instead, they have limited the amount of time given to gameplay in each session of streaming.

A stream may offer 30 minutes of gambling content and then must revert to ‘normal’ gaming or other forms of engagement for a while before being able to stream betting content again. This ensures that responsible gambling protocols are adhered to, minimising the risk of problem gaming as a result of their platform.

Thumbs up for player engagement

The growth in technology is only positive for the industry, providing far better control over what is put out there. It also increases the level of entertainment provided for players.

Players want a good variety of choices when defining their experience, so when innovations like streaming platforms come along, the player choice is just broadened all the more. Twitch and other social streaming sites are an essential service to navigating the online gambling world into its future phase.

Published: May 5, 2020

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