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How women have made an impact on the world of iGaming

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The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. Join us as we look at the impact of women in the online gambling industry.

Throughout history, gender roles or biases shaped specific parts of society and social beliefs. With gambling being a social event, it is one industry that men dominated. Images of smoky poker lounges and race days all portrayed the idea of it being a man’s world, with women being the gambler’s lucky charm.

Although it isn’t uncommon for women to lay a stake at the tables or to win a WSOP bracelet, the modern gambling industry remained male-centric. That is, until recently. Studies reveal how online gambling, specifically since the onset of mobile casinos, changed this and more women gamble online than ever before.

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, we’re taking a look at how women are changing the online casino industry.

Ladies placing wagers

Studies reveal that in most markets, men still account for the majority of online gamblers, but in many markets, women make up between 30% and 40% of the customer base. The established European market is a perfect area to evaluate diversity and observe how online casinos tipped the gender scale for gambling.

Nearly a third of Sweden’s online players were female in a study by Optimove, with 32% of all Swedish punters being women. The same study revealed that 28% of all registered online players globally are female. Right on Sweden’s heels is the UK with women taking a 30% share in the British iGaming market. Results also show how women place slightly smaller wagers but deposit more often and thus spend more in the long run.

Trends indicate that female punters prefer specific online casino games and favour mobile betting as opposed to using a computer. 78% of all women who gamble online in Europe prefer online slot games with bingo and lottery coming in as the second and third choices.

These studies reveal how female gamblers tend to be more loyal than their male counterparts and providers who harness this potential will reap the fruits.

Diversity within the online casino industry

Over the past few years, the stereotypical masculine nature of gambling started changing. Experts believe this started with the advent of smartphones in 2007 and intuitive game developers who adjusted their approach to match the changing market.

Some online casinos align themselves for predominant female patrons by marketing approaches or a name that speaks to a feminine population. The UK platform, Pink Casino, is one such online provider. This UK casino presents punters with a library filled with video slots and other online casino games attractive to women and from the best providers. Their profile and marketing campaigns are female-centric and they tailor promotions to a female community.

Statistics platform, YouGov published results from a study on British female punters. The 2021 study highlighted why women take part in online gambling and which type of stakes they prefer.

Female punters admitted they gamble online because it is enjoyable entertainment and allows them to fantasise about winning.

Women in iGaming

The online gambling industry continues to create awareness of gender bias. For International Women’s Day this year, a group of influential iGaming execs partnered with the All-in Diversity Project for a trailblazing campaign to #breakthebias. Among the online casino giants taking part in the three-part videos are Betsson, Yggdrasil, Kindred, and LeoVegas, to name only a few.

Recent data confirms that in the past few years, more female employees fill iGaming positions and once male-dominated boardrooms now have a 28% female presence. 42% of the Maltese gambling workforce are women and founder of bet365, Denise Coates opened the floor for female CEOs.

These developments prove that a female presence in iGaming is growing and the continuous endeavour toward gender equality is making a mark.

And last, but not least, we want to say Happy International Women's Day to all of the amazing ladies in CasinoWow's family and team. You shine away!

Published: March 7, 2022

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