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Advantages of mobile casinos

Published by Niki | April 1, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What are the advantages of mobile casinos?

In the last 14 years, mobile gambling has grown in leaps and bounds. At its inception in 1994, the gameplay was really “spotty”, due to data connection issues. Display conformity was still in its teething stages and as such, gameplay was quite scrappy in comparison to online casino games offered to you via laptops and PCs.

Now, over a decade down the line, the mobile casino industry has hit a “boom”. Modern technology has progressed to a degree where handheld mobile devices have similar computing abilities to some desktop and PC devices out there. Screen resolutions and displays on modern mobile phones and tablets allow for advanced graphical renderings that rival anything the online segment can produce.

The fact is that at this point in the marketplace, the mobile segment holds many advantages over the land-based and online gaming segment of the industry. The purpose of this guide is to explore these advantages so that you can make an informed decision over whether you should spread your wings and cross the divide, to the side of “gambling on the go”.

Below we will take a look at a list of 5 advantages of joining a mobile casino:


The biggest clear-cut advantage of joining up with a mobile casino is the convenience of being able to play whenever you have a spare moment. In the past, internet connectivity, in conjunction with mobile phones, made playing games on the go a frustrating matter. But, with WIFI connectivity and modern 4G LTE wireless network speeds, mobile gaming has become smooth, with very little game lag, if any.

There are far fewer things that can get in the way of your gambling on a whim. Take out your phone and enjoy your favourite table game or slot offering, right from the palm of your hand. You can now roll the reels, or dice, or roulette wheel, while waiting in a queue, commuting in a bus or taxi, or during your lunch break at work.

Gambling no longer has to interfere with your family time either, as you can catch up on building your bankroll in short bursts, several times a day, instead of in one long sitting that deprives your loved ones of your attention.

Casino games

A decade ago, there were very few mobile gambling titles available for you to play. It is a very different story today. Comparatively, there are still more online games suitable for computers than there are mobile titles, but in a few years, that fact will be the reverse.

There are already a vast number of mobile games available to play at iPad Casinos or iPhone Casinos, thanks to the initiatives of some of the giants in the online gambling arena.

Microgaming, the oldest online gambling provider, has taken it upon themselves to go back and make many of their favourite titles into mobile games. Not only that, but their “Quickfire” platform has opened the doors to a variety of gaming partners to provide top-notch online and mobile games to the market.

Net Entertainment (NetEnt) are probably one of the industry benchmarks for quality and originality. They concentrate on the mobile industry so much nowadays, that they often release the mobile version of a game before they release the online version. In fact, there are many titles that they and other providers produce that come out in mobile, exclusively.

Although online slots are the predominant offering in the mobile segment, mobile casinos most certainly offer many more games to keep you entertained. In fact, you will often find that mobile casinos today carry more games and titles than many of the land-based casinos do. Some of the popular types of games you can expect to find at top mobile casinos are:



Although live casino games are not yet available for mobile play, it is our estimation that it won’t be too long before these types of titles are added to mobile casino portfolios as well.

Best bonus options

Casino bonus promotions have always been leading market strategies in hundreds of casinos around the globe. The competition is fierce out there, so casinos will make use of the unique bonus offers to win players over to their sites, and then keep them there.

Because of the convenience involved in the mobile casino industry, the competition is at a very high level, right now. Many mobile-only casinos are not only trying to win players over from other mobile casinos but are also driven towards converting normal online players to mobile casino players on their sites. This means that the number of crazy bonuses offered for mobile phones and tablets usually out-number the offers in the online casino arena.

Not only are there more bonuses offered at mobile casinos, but the sizes of the bonuses can often outweigh some of those offered in normal online casinos, too. We keep our list of top mobile casino bonuses updated with only the latest bonuses available.

There are plenty of crazy bonuses on many mobile casinos.
Many mobile casinos provide crazy bonuses.

Better security

Playing on open servers from your laptop or personal computer can leave you open to all sorts of malware and virus risks that could have a crippling effect on your computer. Computer crashes can lose you much vital information in one fell swoop.

Mobile phones, however, are not so prone to viruses and malware and therefore prove quite a bit safer to use online. To be totally safe, you can even download yourself a free version anti-virus software app, that will solidify the protection of your device against any threats.

Should your device fall into the wrong hands, then most mobile networks can blacklist your device immediately once you have reported loss or theft. This will immediately lock your phone, protecting all sensitive information on the device that may have been saved to any casino apps and other programs.

Depositing and withdrawing money at a casino involves handling sensitive information. Even here, mobile casino leaders offer multi-level SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption to keep your personal affairs private. This is the same sort of security offered to you by online banking institutions.

Quicker registration

Signing up to a mobile casino can be done in 4 easy and speedy steps:

  1. Find a casino
  2. Sign Up
  3. Link Payment Option
  4. Verify Account

Although the same 4 steps can be done from your PC, it is far quicker to take your phone out of your pocket to connect to the web, than it is to make your way to your computer, boot it up and search.

It’s also easier searching for the right casino, as the App Store will bring up a list of rated mobile casinos for you to read reviews on and sign up for.

Compatibility with an online casino account

A big plus to mobile casinos, such as Android Casinos, for example, is that they are often linked to a “parent” online casino. In this case, if you already have an existing account with the online site, you will be able to link your mobile phone to that account to guarantee access to your existing bankroll. Each mobile wager will add to your casino loyalty program as well, opening you up to earn points faster and more frequently, as you will now be able to win both online and mobile rewards, in one place.

CasinoWow Conclusion

If you want to keep current with the gambling industry advancements, then we suggest that you let your phone do the talking from here on in. Take advantage of “gambling on the go” bonuses to spend on a new world of gaming and entertainment.

It is clear that there are a number of advantages to playing from your palmtop, so unlock that keypad and head for your App store right away, or play games directly from the browser thanks to HTML5 technology.

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