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150% Deposit Match Bonuses

First-comers to a casino may be reluctant to lay out big sums of their own money on games until they are settled with gameplay and trust the establishment. The 150% Deposit Match Bonus can offer you free cash to extend your experience at the casino’s cost so that you can familiarise yourself with everything.

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What is 150% Match Bonus?

The 150% Match Bonus is an offer by the casinos to match the deposit that you place to play with by 150%. The amount that they are willing to match up to is generally limited. For example, a bonus might look like this: 150% Deposit Match up to €450. If in this case, you opt to deposit €100, the casino will match that amount by 150%, meaning that they will give you free cash of €250 on top of your deposit, giving you a total of €350 to wager with.

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