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Casino War

Casino War

Microgaming's Casino War is a simple table game that includes 6 card deck shoes of 52 cards each. Wins pay 1:1, while ‘Tie Side Bets’ offer up to 10x tie bet.

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Casino War by Microgaming

Casino War is one of the simplest games to play at a casino and demands very little skill at all. As such, the return to player, the ratio is around 97.32%. The casino variant of the game has been taken from the popular household game – ‘War’.

The only skill needed to play the game is the ability to account. One card is dealt with each player and the highest value card is the winner; it is that easy! At the casino, all the players go head to head with the dealer.

Microgaming’s introduction of the title online is a welcome casino game addition but is often overshadowed by more popular table card games, such as blackjack, or the various forms of poker.

Theme, Sounds and Symbols

Casino War by Microgaming is played on a neatly arranged half-round casino table, much like those found in blackjack. The demarcations on the table are where the difference lies. Aside from the game title display, you will notice a section for a tie bet and an ante bet, as well as the wording “Tie Bet Pays 10:1” embossed on the table.

The table felt colours vary from casino to casino, but the most popular colours incorporate either green felt with white, red, and gold lettering, or grey felt with black demarcations with white and gold lettering. The graphics are quite lifelike, providing an immersive casino experience, suitable to wage war in. The sounds of cards being dealt and chips being placed are authentic.

The game is played with 6 x 52 card shoes, where the high card is an Ace and the low card is a 2. Each card and chip is detailed to perfection and adds additional colour to the display.

Game Mechanics

First up, the player must place an Ante bet from his/her available chips. This will include him/her in the next dealt round. Simply click on the desired chip denomination and drag it to the ‘ante’ demarcation on the table before you. There is also an optional side bet on a tie.

Once your bets are placed, you can press deal. One card will be dealt with each player at the table, including the dealer. If you have a higher value card than the dealer, the house will pay you 1:1 on your ante value.

If your value ties with the dealer and you have not played the tie side bet, you will have two options at your disposal. Either you can “Surrender” and claim back half your ante bet, or you can “Go to War!” Should you opt to fight, you will need to match your ante bet again and play another round against the dealer. If you manage to win the next deal, you will be paid 1:1 on your second bet as well as being able to take your full initial bet back into your bankroll. You will not receive 1:1 on both bets.

Special Features

Should you want to play the Tie Bet Side bet, you can place a bet on that demarcation on the table. If you tie with the dealer, you will be paid a 10:1 payout on the tie bet. If the second two cards also match, you will be paid out a further 2:1 bonus on the ante bet value.

Play ‘On The Go’

Microgaming is well known for offering their game favourites on their Quickfire platform. As such, Casino War can be enjoyed from your mobile device in an instant-play browser format, courtesy of HTML 5 technology.

CasinoWow Game Verdict

Casino War by Microgaming is a delightful casino table game to play, especially if you do not want to think too hard and desire to play with a simple strategy.

Make sure that you make use of one of our CasinoWow partners for guaranteed platform quality to avoid disappointment.

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Casino War FAQs

What is the RTP of this casino game?

This casino game has an RTP of 97.32%.

What is the maximum win on this casino game?

As this game is very simple, the maximum win is only 10:1.

Can I play this game on my mobile device?

Yes! This casino game can be enjoyed by your mobile device of choice.

Is this game suitable for new players?

Yes! This game could not be any simpler to play to is the perfect starter game for new players.

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