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How to become a casino streamer in 2022 - Everything you need to know

Published by Stelly | September 25, 2022

Everything you need to know to become a streamer

The online casino industry is leaping from strength to strength while expanding, with entertainment reaching new heights every day. As the industry evolves, so do the ways it is approached by players, the media, and regular everyday folks.

Casino streaming is one of the latest crazes that is not entirely that new. The first casino streamers started appearing on Twitch and YouTube as early as 2015. While these can be considered pioneers, casino streaming only really kicked off in 2019.

Streamers talk about different types of casino games, from Poker to Live Casino and Online Slots. With the latter being the most popular topic.

Becoming a casino streamer

How to become a casino streamer

Getting started with casino streaming is quite easy, and there are only a few steps you need to follow. If you’re interested in becoming a streamer, then this is what you need to do:

  • Create your account - The first thing you will need to do is create your streaming account. You can create an account on Twitch or create a channel on YouTube Live. There is also the option to stream live on Facebook.
  • Download Software - To stream, you will need quality software such as Open Broadcaster Software. Or, to stream to multiple platforms, you will need a program like Restream. The latter is free of charge, and you can instantly gain access using your Twitch account.
  • Get the hardware - Make sure your equipment meets the requirements. To stream, you will need a strong CPU and a stable internet upload speed. While there is an option to lower your video frame settings in the OBS player, it is best to have a 5Mbt/s upload speed enabling you to stream 720p with ease.
  • Smile for the camera - You can choose to stream content without the use of a camera. As this has been done rather successfully by many, but if your idea is to compete in the big leagues, you will need to step in front of the webcam. People prefer to make a connection with the one behind the screen, which is more possible when a face is put to a voice. You don’t need the most expensive webcam; a simple one will do.
  • Step up to the mic - And lastly, it’s advisable to have a dedicated USB microphone for streaming your voice. You can use a headset, but a microphone is just better in the long run.

Now, choose your niche/type of casino games or casino experiences you want to cover and practice. Once you’re ready, you can start streaming and building your online casino streaming audience.

Choosing the right streaming platform

When it comes down to getting started, you will need to choose which streaming platform will become your main. You can ultimately stream from multiple platforms using the right software, but there has to be one ultimate platform that is your number one streaming option.

The two most popular choices among online casino streamers are YouTube and Twitch. They come with a range of benefits which includes great real-time editing tools, and of course, they pay well.

There is also Facebook Live which can be used as an additional way to reach new viewers. It’s important to note that with every streaming platform, the audience might vary. You will need to do your homework on the streaming sites and how to successfully operate the different streams should you choose to do multiple streams simultaneously.

The Dos and Don’ts

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started more smoothly with online casino streaming:

  • Schedule your streams and make a point of telling your viewers when you are going live. This will increase the number of viewers during the live.
  • Select a casino and create an authorized account and arrange streaming with online casinos with promotional offers.
  • Ensure that the casino you’re streaming meets the legal requirements for the platform you’re using. For instance, Twitch recently updated its terms and conditions (Read more about the latest policy updates on Twitch to follow when you’re serious about casino streaming) to exclude many sites from being streamed by players.
  • Start at a smaller casino where you can build your following. The bigger casinos are already on the map and have plenty of visitors already.
  • Don’t be dishonest. Be clear about the gifts/promotions you’ve received to build trust with your audience.
  • Don’t chase wins. Have a bankroll in place and play responsibly. Despite it being for streaming, you want to make sure you don’t spend more than you can afford.
  • Make sure you set a budget, especially if you choose to stream slots, as it can become quite expensive.
  • Take advantage of casino bonuses but do not play with fake money or in demo/practice mode as viewers are tuning in to see you gamble. Don’t be dishonest.
  • Host prize giveaways at your chosen online casino. This is popular among casino streaming channels. At first, you will have to fund these yourself, but later, these can be provided by sponsors.

How to interact with viewers

Streaming content online, no matter what it is, is a social experience. This means that you need to shape your personality to fit the profile. If you want to attract viewers, you can’t sound like you’re unsure of who you’re talking to or what you’re doing.

Many streamers, funnily enough, are introverted but create this fun online personality that viewers are drawn to. How do they do it? They practice, of course.

The easiest way to practice talking to your camera as if it’s another person is to stand in front of the mirror and have a conversation with yourself. Pretend it’s someone else, and this is a two-way conversation. Practice until it becomes easy and it flows.

The important thing to remember is to be yourself and have fun. Don’t force yourself into a direction or function in discomfort.

Allow yourself to enjoy the moment as what you feel is felt through your conversation. As you stream, keep the conversation going, sharing your thoughts with your viewers. You can even let them choose some of the games they want you to try.

It’s important to stay levelheaded as you will come across a few trolls, don’t pay mind to them. Don’t comment or interact. Rather make use of moderators to keep the trolls at bay.

And always make sure you thank your new followers. Give them and those who make donations a special shout-out. Your account would be nothing without these viewers.

Top online casino streamers

Online streaming has grown in the past few years, and so many impressive online casino streamers exist. Many have chosen to make a career out of online casino streaming. While fun is not as easy as it seems. The good news is that this avenue is still quite new, giving you plenty of opportunity to join the ranks of top streamers should you choose to.

Here is a quick look at the top online casino streamers:


This is the top online casino streamer on Twitch that sits with a large following of over 2 million viewers. Tyler Faraz Niknam, known as Trainwreck online, is one of the biggest streamers loved for his transparency and honesty.

He is dedicated to real gaming and educates on the importance of responsible gaming. He also has a Community Free Mental Healthcare Program.


Roshtein started streaming in 2016 but quickly became one of the biggest casino streamers. This Swedish streamer has over 1 million followers on Twitch and focuses on a positive streaming environment by talking about online slots. This streamer is quite popular for his interesting approach to playing online casino games.

Roshtein is a creator of bonus hunts, tournaments, battles, and other interesting events. He has been streaming for the longest time and entertains at no cost with no subscriptions or donations required.


This 26-year-old streamer, Cody, goes by the name Xposed and has been streaming for over half a decade. He has over 500,000 Twitch followers and once managed to rake in $500,000 playing Crazy Time.

Cody has been streaming for 7 years and is partnered full-time for the past 5 years. While he does a variety of game streams, his primary focus is casino games. He is constantly trying out different online casino games. He is likable and exciting, with a hunger for exploration.


This stream has over 255,000 followers and is popular for the humour mixed with the gambling content. It’s a group of streamers who play online slots and are known for entertaining giveaways.

There are monthly giveaways, races, and opening bonuses. The team is run by Espen, Joe, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Fredde and Max.


This account is made up of a team of gamblers out of Sweden who offer subscribers marathons in which they play a variety of casino games, which include online slots, poker, and other games.

The account keeps growing and has 170,000+ followers. They stream about 14 hours live every day and play high-stakes casino games.

Casino streamers & special features

With casino streaming, you can have fun and get paid at the same time. To do so, you need to build your audience, sign up for casino affiliate programs and activate donations on your streaming sites.

With Twitch streaming, viewers can subscribe to your channel. You can encourage subscriptions by creating sub-emojis, which are only available to those who subscribe. And then you can also do giveaways and raffles if it is affordable.

In the beginning, the best option is to focus on donations. So set up your donation button, allowing users to send money if they enjoy your content.

With casino affiliate programs, you can also become involved in cool leaderboard promotions and get access to Exclusive bonuses. You’ll get to play in the casino to boost your betting experience throughout your stream.

With any leaderboards or exclusive bonuses, always be clear about the terms and conditions provided by the casino. You want to create a trusted reputation for yourself and the casino.

Once again, make sure that using bonuses or affiliate programs as platforms such as Twitch are starting to lock down on these services.

The most important rule of all is to have fun as you stream. Viewers want to be entertained, and they want to see that you are enjoying yourself as you play. So, get your set up ready, start your live stream, and smile for the camera!

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