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CasinoWow's talk with Amusnet about Drops of Water - the charity slot

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Amusnet's slot, Drops of Water partners with charity, and CasinoWow talked with a representative to find out more about this great initiative.

It's no secret that Amusnet is fast-growing and loved by many players as a game provider. Many of the modern online slots by Amusnet are bringing a new level of entertainment and excitement. 

We recently found out that one of their slots - Drops of Water - is partnering with a charity to provide fresh water to thousands of people, donating 3% of the profit to initiatives in Africa and India

Each spin contributes to CharityWater.org, which provides clean and safe drinking water worldwide. This is a fascinating initiative by Amusnet, and we talked with them about it.

Amusnet unveiled their mission about the charity slot to CasinoWow

We previously talked to Radostin Dimitrov, Commercial Manager at Amusnet, about the changes and evolvement of Amusnet Interactive, and here is what this time he had to say about the charity and the slot:

  • CW: Hi, Radostin! Thank you for agreeing to speak with us again! 
    We've recently discovered that Amusnet's slot Drops of Water partners with charity - to provide fresh water to thousands of people, donating 3% of the profit to initiatives in Africa and India. First of all, we want to applaud you for your noble act! We'd love you to comment on that - how was the idea born, what is it that you stand behind and support, and can we expect more such initiatives in the future?

The Drops of Water slot game was released in September 2022 and since the official release the game gained popularity while being active in over 30 markets and live on more than 600 operators’ sites worldwide. The success of the Drops of Water game is unabatedly a result of our ability to craft premium content, but also about the pure intentions of having a direct impact on the life’s of thousands of people by providing fresh drinking water through the Charity Water projects.

The game’s idea was born out of pure compassion and care for the people living in rural areas in Africa and India and the fact that they lacked such an important commodity in their daily lives. My colleague from the Commercial Management department Iva Draganova watched a video from the Charity Water organization which then involved her into contacting the organization and arranging all further steps that led to the creation of the slot game.

In order to popularize the game the Commercial Management team of Amusnet decided to create a unique promotion linked to the game itself. Under the message “Dare to Adventure” partner operators were invited to improve the overall KPIs of the game for 4 consecutive weeks following the requirements in a dedicated website presenting the chance to win a fully-covered Safari Trip in Kenya.

The campaign was held in June 2023 and the winning operators were from Estonia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Drops of Water's Charity
Amusnet's Safari Adventure, inspired by Drops of Water. Image Source: Amusnet 

Inspiration to the industry

The good cause behind Drops of Water was taken to the next level by Amusnet and inspired the iGaming industry. They did so with a charity event and a large marketing promotion.

"Dare to Adventure" was the name of the initiative and boosted the performance of the game for 4 consecutive weeks on a dedicated website presenting the chance to win a Safari Trip in Kenya, fully covered.

Since the Drops of Water launch, the total contribution "impacted the lives of 5,000+ people in need, providing them with everyday access to clean and fresh water".

We want to applaud Amusnet for their noble acts and thank Radostin for the great talk!

Published: October 13, 2023

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