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Long awaited: The exclusive talk with Betsson Group

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CasinoWow took the time to interview Triston Smook, Head of Affiliates in Betsson Group, and we are now sharing the long-awaited talk!

Betsson Group is one of the largest iGaming companies in Europe and has more than 20 brands with casinos, sportsbooks, and other games. We took the long road to talking with them and getting some company insights, so happily, today we share our exclusive talk with Triston Smook, Head of Affiliates.

Betsson Group sharing thoughts with CasinoWow 

  • CW: We'd love for you to share with our readers, your trusted players, how you tend to improve your brands on a daily basis. Are there any new games you try to add to attract new players or some innovations you rely on for more engagement?

TS: We are continually seeking a competitive edge, ensuring our loyal customers can anticipate exciting and innovative additions to their favourite Betsson brand. Our Native Mobile Apps are progressing impressively, providing the opportunity to play anytime, anywhere, with a smart and user-friendly product.

Our global sponsorships, such as Boca Juniors and Racing, have proven instrumental in deepening our connection with players, spotlighting the Betsson brand to a broader audience. Consistently, we introduce new games for mobile, mobile apps, and desktop platforms. Additionally, we persist in delivering some of the most enticing promotions, tailoring content and offers to suit every market, solidifying the Betsson brands as the premier choice for players.

  • CW: Are the payment methods also something you take into consideration when thinking about how to ease the process for players and, of course, make it more secure? For example, a faster deposit process, secure payouts, and/or easy signing-ups?

TS: Yes, indeed. Ensuring seamless and secure payment methods is important and it’s a facet we take great pride in. Whenever we’re exploring a new market, one of the key strategies revolves around resolving the intricacies of facilitating smooth financial transactions for our customers.

We conduct a lot of research and identify the most popular methods used by the customers for each market and we categorise them based on factors such as popularity, affordability, ease-of-use, and fees. Integrating and rigorously testing these payment solutions can take time, but we always endeavour to have the best available solutions, contributing to customer satisfaction and enhancing the appeal of our brands for players.

  • CW: Speaking of payment methods, crypto payments are becoming a big part of the online gambling industry. What's your view on that?

TS: At the moment we exclusively engage with fiat currency solutions. As any other business operation, we are indeed exploring crypto payments and how we can possibly endorse these whilst still maintaining the highest of standards in terms of regulatory frameworks in the different jurisdictions in which we operate.

  • CW: What's your take on gamification; do you think it's something players are interested in? Can punters expect this to be implemented in some or most of your brands?

TS: Gamification is an excellent method for engaging with players to convert, retain, or reactivate. There are numerous beneficial applications for it, such as loyalty programs, campaigns, and gathering general feedback on promotions, products, brands, user experiences, and more. We already incorporate gamification in our social media campaigns and at conferences; it's an effective means of engaging with our partners who collaborate with us in affiliation.

In terms of players, it’s something they are interested in to be able to share their opinion and express themselves. Introducing exciting leaderboards or rewards to any online experience significantly enhances its value. It’s not a one size fits all scenario as everyone is different, but for those that want to experience more and are looking for that little something extra, gamification is certainly the answer to bringing more entertainment and uplifting the player experience.

  • CW: How do you think events like SBC Barcelona are contributing to bettering the gaming experience of players?

TS: SBC, much like all gaming conferences on the annual calendar, plays a crucial role in bringing together like-minded industry professionals who share a common objective: enhancing the gaming experience for players. This collaboration prompts essential inquiries, such as how to attract more valuable customers, effectively reach the target audience, optimize product offerings, identify any gaps in our technological offerings, and enhance audience engagement.

Conferences like SBC provides a platform to discuss the key elements of successful partnerships, ensuring the best solutions are offered to generate long-term success. The direct beneficiaries of these efforts are the players themselves, who are offered secure and welcoming gaming environments featuring a diverse array of games and advanced, user-friendly products.

  • CW: Can you share with us some of the key trends for the iGaming industry that you discussed during the conference this year?

TS: Trends in the iGaming industry encompass the rise of Native Mobile Gaming Apps, with operators working to establish their products on the Google App Store and iOS platforms. Mobile web and apps have emerged as the predominant platforms for players, while desktop usage steadily diminishes over time. The adage “Content is king” remains true, serving as the primary driver for setting competitors apart. The emphasis is on delivering more games and enhancing player engagement to align with player preferences.

Finding ways to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by the players requires continuous focus. Regulatory considerations persist as a focal point and is a constant trend in iGaming. Finding the right balance between profitability, adherence to diverse regulatory frameworks, and active collaboration with affiliate partners poses an ongoing challenge. Regulations are a permanent fixture, serving as a crucial component to ensure transparent business operations and provide a secure gaming environment for customers.

  • CW: As final thoughts, can you share with our readers what the drive of Betsson Group Affiliates is to continue evolving? Maybe a hint on surprises players can expect in the near future?

TS: We consistently strive to adopt an innovative approach, aiming to distinguish ourselves in a competitive landscape. We are actively investing in AI-driven opportunities to elevate our business operations. This strategic move enables increased automation in our daily processes which helps to keep our business running smoothly, reducing time wastage while increasing productivity and overall partner satisfaction.

Additionally, we are committed to embracing our global sponsorships, a venture that has already gained momentum with more exciting developments on the horizon. It’s very exciting for everyone involved. Global sponsorships give us a lot more reach and provides an excellent platform for our brands to be showcased, attracting new customers eager to engage and play.

Thank you, Betsson! 

Thank you for the insightful interview, Triston Smook! It was a pleasure talking to you, and we cannot wait to see what more you will surprise us and your players with. 

CasinoWow will continue to follow the new and exciting adventures of Betsson Casino and Betsson Group.

Published: December 8, 2023

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