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Interview with Quickspin - exclusive only with CasinoWow!

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CasinoWow followed Quickspin's latest achievements and excitements, and it all resulted in a great interview with their Product Marketing Manager.

We are happy to share with you that Quickspin has been thriving with some exciting news! First, at this year’s Women in Gaming Diversity (WIG) Awards, Quickspin is nominated in 7 categories! One of the categories where Quickspin is a finalist is Company of the Year and that is a great acknowledgement itself.

Not only as a company, but the provider is also on its way to even greater success as a game studio, by improving Quickspin's game portfolio. They introduced Quickspin Live in February, and soon the loved game Big Bad Wolf will also be Live!

Learn more with our interview with Quickspin

We, at CasinoWow, are excited to have talked to George King, Product Marketing Manager at Quickspin, about all those amazing news. Read below what he had to share about the journey of the company.

  • CW: At this year’s Women in Gaming Diversity (WIG) Awards, Quickspin is nominated in 7 categories - congratulations! One of the categories in that Quickspin is a finalist is Company of the Year - how did you react to this nomination? Did it come as a surprise, or you knew this was a result of hard work, dedication, and a safe work environment?

G. K.: It’s a little bit of both, to be honest. Our People & Culture team works tirelessly to ensure our working environment is as close to perfect as its possible to get. But, it’s always nice to be recognised for your efforts on such a platform. It highlights the hard work and brings attention to a cause that many of us hold close to our hearts.

  • CW: How is your team reacting to those nominations, and has the working atmosphere changed since?

G. K.: The team is ecstatic, especially with so many Quickspinners being recognised at the same time, in multiple categories.

  • CW: What were the most important goals for you in the first quarter of 2023, and how are they looking today?

G. K.: We’ve been working towards several goals this year, but the most important for us was announcing the launch of our new product vertical, Quickspin Live, as well as our entrance into the live casino space. It’s been a learning curve of epic proportions but we’re extremely glad to have guidance from our parent company Playtech to help us along the way. The preparations are going forward and we can’t wait to share Big Bad Wolf Live with the world.

  • CW: We are also very excited about Big Bad Wolf Live! Can we expect more live games in 2023?

G. K.: All our attention is focused on learning the intricacies of live game production as well as everything that goes along with it, from building studios to certification. While we have a few ideas, prototypes and plans happening behind the scenes, we can’t provide a date for our second live game just yet.

  • CW: What then more can we expect from Quickspin, and what is the direction that the company is heading at this and next year?

G. K.: 2023 is the year of sequels for Quickspin. Cash Truck 2 goes live in June, followed by Golden Glyph 3 in September and we’ve started work on Big bad Wolf 2 which will be launching towards the end of the year. We’re capitalising on well-known IP’s and strong product lines to ensure our loyal fanbase gets exactly what they’ve been asking for: more of the games they love the most.

  • CW: And to sum this up, we’d love to hear your point of view on what you think are the biggest challenges our industry will face in the next five years.

G. K.: One of the biggest challenges the industry faces is the ever-changing regulatory landscape that often proves very difficult to navigate.

We want to thank George King from Quickspin for the time he dedicated to answering our questions. We look forward to what Quickspin has for its players and are excited to keep you posted here on CasinoWow!

Published: June 18, 2023

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