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Introducing BGaming: Unveiling the innovation and excellence behind the reels

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An insightful interview with Yulia Alekseeva, co-CPO at BGaming, with highlights of what makes the provider so successful.

In the ever-evolving world of iGaming, innovation, and excellence are the driving forces that define the industry's leading developers. At CasinoWow, we recently had the privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with Yulia Alekseeva, co-CPO at the leading game provider, BGaming. With a reputation for pushing the boundaries of online casino entertainment, BGaming has consistently delivered captivating games that have captured the hearts of players worldwide.

Join us as we delve into the inner workings of BGaming, exploring their commitment to delivering top-tier gaming experiences and their vision for the future of iGaming. In this enlightening interview, we uncover the secrets behind their success, providing a glimpse into the world of a company dedicated to taking the iGaming industry to new heights. 

CasinoWow's interview with BGaming

  • CW: We are fans of all BGaming casino games, but we still want to know: How is it that you design your most popular games? Is there a specific twist you add?

YA: We keep a close eye on industry trends and the themes that resonate with online slot players. We analyze the market, take into consideration input from our team members, and actively listen to the feedback and wishes of players, thanks to our partnership with the Scatters Club community. Unfortunately, there isn't a single, magical formula for the success of a game.

The design of any game is a multifaceted process, and it's the synergy of the actions mentioned above that leads us to the concept of a game and its realization in the future. This collaborative and adaptable approach allows us to create games that capture the imagination of our players and stand out in the industry.

  • CW: So, do you focus on considering individual player preferences, or do you aim to please all players?

YA: We focus on both aspects. This is why our BGaming portfolio is so diverse, offering a wide range of game types and genres. Our collection includes 100+ high-quality and certified games based on constant analysis of players’ feedback including video slots, video poker, lottery, card, scratch, crash, and casual games, highlighting top industry mechanics.

We aim to cater to individual player preferences by providing a variety of gaming experiences. Whether you're a fan of classic online slots, innovative video slots, table games, or other types of casino games, you can find your favorite game in our portfolio. We strive to please all players by offering a comprehensive selection that appeals to different tastes and interests, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our games.

  • CW: BGaming is one of the first slot developers to incorporate cryptocurrency within their titles; how is that working out for you?

YA: Yes, it's indeed accurate. BGaming stands as an iGaming pioneer in integrating cryptocurrency within our titles. Currently, we provide all cryptocurrencies and tokens for players to use. The interest in BGaming games from cryptocurrency projects continues to increase year by year, growing at a minimum rate of 15%. This surge in interest has created a distinct niche for our business, allowing for significant growth and reinforcing our position as a leader in the iGaming industry.

  • CW: Is it on the cards to start collaborating with crypto brands to incorporate more crypto-related games and development?

YA: We are interested in collaborating with various brands, including those in the crypto space. However, at the moment, our primary goal is not specifically to create a greater number of crypto-related games. While our portfolio is consistently expanding each month to encompass a variety of games, including online slots, casual games, and dice games, our current focus is not predominantly on crypto games. That said, we remain open to exploring opportunities for collaboration in the future, and our diverse game line-up reflects our commitment to meeting the evolving interests of our players.

  • CW: Are there any challenges you are facing this year? Have you noticed changes in the gambling industry in 2023?

YA: The gambling industry has never been known for its stability; it's an ever-evolving and changing landscape. This year is no exception. We have always been adaptable to its shifts and challenges, which can include the complexities of licensing and regulations in different markets. For instance, we are actively expanding into the Latin American market, and this represents a relatively new direction for BGaming.

However, we are committed to aligning ourselves with market demands to create mutually beneficial collaborations. The key is to remain flexible and responsive to the evolving nature of the industry, making necessary adjustments to navigate any challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

  • CW: What can you share with our readers about the following 2024? What can they expect from BGaming?

YA: In 2024, we are taking a player-driven approach to the next level. We're shifting our focus to player engagement and retention, with a strong emphasis on personalized lobbies and gamification. This strategy fosters competition and engagement among players, increasing player retention.

We're also harnessing the power of AI tools for game design and art creation, aiming to optimize our processes and provide long-term support. Notably, we'll release Aztec Clusters soon, a unique game driven by data insights. It's the result of extensive research involving over 10,000 hours of watching streamers play various slot games. This innovative approach promises a more engaging gaming experience in 2024.

Thank you, BGaming

We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to Yulia Alekseeva, co-CPO at BGaming, for taking the time to answer our questions. Her willingness to share her insights and innovations has given us a deeper understanding of the passion and dedication that drives the provider's success.

We are excited to continue following BGaming's journey as they forge ahead, pushing the boundaries and raising the bar for online casino entertainment. Especially with the new AI-designed games and innovations to come!

Thank you, BGaming, for sharing your remarkable journey with us!

Published: November 8, 2023

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