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Unveiling the magic: CasinoWow's hot interview with Amusnet

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Inside the digital casino realm - CasinoWow's talk with Amusnet in an exclusive interview.

Welcome to the electrifying world of online entertainment as we present an exclusive interview like no other! CasinoWow delves deep into the digital realm to bring you a one-of-a-kind conversation.

In this captivating encounter, CasinoWow had the honour of sitting down with Radostin Dimitrov, Commercial Manager at Amusnet.

CasinoWow's talk with Amusnet

Join us as we lift the veil on the secrets, strategies, and inspirations that have propelled Amusnet to the forefront of the iGaming universe. What defines them from EGT Digital and what Amusnet holds for the future? Get ready to explore the mind behind the magic in this extraordinary interview, where boundaries are pushed and possibilities know no limits.

  • CW: Recently, there have been a lot of comments around the distinguishing between EGT and Amusnet. How can you comment on this change, and what is the focus of Amusnet as a game provider?

R.D.: It is essential to emphasize that EGT functions as the land-based provider, dedicated to the development and distribution of premium cabinets and slot games for physical casinos. On the other hand, Amusnet is exclusively committed to the creation of world-class online slots, keno, and live casino games. Our primary objective is to consistently engage our audience with captivating new content, enhanced functionality, and exciting jackpot systems.

  • CW: Great! Thank you for explaining. Amusnet was also nominated for many awards this year; what is the secret behind this success?

R.D.: Amusnet possesses extensive experience in crafting high-quality content for some of the most prestigious online casinos worldwide. Over time, we have comprehended the elements that resonate with our audience and have consistently sought to improve each new release by incorporating stunning graphics, enhanced functionalities, and immersive sound. Last year, we also introduced "Drops of Water," created in partnership with the US based charity organization Charity: Water which was our first game featuring Corporate Social Responsibility elements.

  • CW: You also recorded great success with the ICE London 2023 participation. Can we expect to see Amusnet in upcoming conferences as well?

R.D.: Absolutely. We will be present at all signature conferences like iGB Live Amsterdam, SBC Barcelona, G2E Vegas and of course SiGMA Europe. We appreciate the personal contact with our partners and the opportunity to showcase our products.
In addition, we have already secured our booth space for ICE 2024.

  • CW: We cannot wait to see you at ICE 2024! Now, can you share with our readers what is your unique selling point, and how you compare your games to the competitors’ ones?

R.D.: Undoubtedly, our jackpots serve as our most significant unique selling proposition. We have supported these systems for many years, allowing players to become familiar with their workings and expectations.

  • CW: Can you also give us and our readers a teaser of what Amusnet fans can expect this and the following year? New game titles, more exciting collaborations, participations, or else?

R.D.: Throughout 2023, we will continue to release planned slot titles. Furthermore, we are actively developing new live casino games such as baccarat, sic bo, and fresh variations of our existing roulette series. In Q1 of 2024, we have plans to launch a premium series of land-based cabinets.

  • CW: Sounds amazing! CasinoWow will definitely follow through to share all those future game plans. And as final thoughts, what do you think are the biggest challenges our industry will face in the next 5 years?

R.D.: In my opinion, I foresee further regulatory measures potentially limiting industry growth. However, these regulations will also ensure a safer gaming environment. Additionally, the increase in gaming taxation will pose challenges for all operators as they strive to remain competitive in a highly dynamic landscape.

Once again, we'd like to thank Radostin from Amusnet for talking with us and taking the time to share some interesting insights about the company and what all players can expect from the leading gaming provider. CasinoWow will follow to see their path and share all exciting highlights!

Published: June 25, 2023

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Article by Stelly

CasinoWow Contributor

Hey there! I am Stelly, and happily, I'm part of CasinoWow's content team. It excites me to be able to write and share with all gambling enthusiasts unbiased reviews and news that contribute to the gambling community and industry. Thankfully, I also have the chance to help you make an informed choice for casino brands and games, as well as provide interesting guides and news.

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