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Duelbits Casino partners with Verdict MMA

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Duelbits adds Verdict MMA to its list of partnerships, bringing MMA betting enthusiasts even more to look forward to.

The world of crypto gambling just keeps getting better and more entertaining, thanks to the growing number of betting options and partnerships.

Duelbits Casino is a leading crypto betting and online casino platform that has recently made many moves that are set to thrill MMA bettors. They recently announced their partnership with the popular fighter Connor McGregor, and now they’ve partnered with Verdict MMA.

New Duelbits partnership

Verdict MMA & Duelbits Casino Partnership
Duelbits Casino & Verdict MMA officially announced their partnership. Image Source: verdictmma.com

In a recent social media post, Duelbits Casino announced that it partners with Verdict MMA, the leading fight and scoring MMA platform.

The betting platform believes this new collaboration reflects its dedication to providing combat sports fans with the most rewarding online experience.

Bettors can look forward to this rewarding partnership and the partnership between Duelbits and combat sports legend Conor McGregor. The platform also offers a unique Ultimate Fighting Jackpot casino game with knockout prizes.

The game was created by the in-house sportsbook team and offers all participants the chance to win Bitcoin with every fight card—these impressive partnerships further cement Duelbits as the ultimate destination for any MMA betting enthusiasts.

A love for sports

Verdict MMA is excited to be working with Duelbits. Both share a deep love for the sport and the same ethos and values of creating the best possible experience for fight fans.

What is Verdict MMA? It’s an innovative platform where you can find all the latest MMA news, fight picks and live scoring. With Verdict MMA, you can place your MMA fight predictions and share them with friends worldwide. What makes this platform so popular is its fan focus, as the scoring is done by the fans. Every fan can score fights and participate in a discussion about who will win and who will lose.

It’s the ultimate playground for MMA enthusiasts or those who enjoy making predictions.

Benefits of the partnership

This recent partnership offers many benefits, including an enhanced betting experience. You can confidently place bets on MMA events thanks to Duelbits Betting, the official Fight Picks partner.

There’s also room for exclusive rewards and promotions for Duelbits MMA bettors. So, keep your eyes on the promotions page for Verdict MMA exclusive promotions. Community engagement has also increased as users participate in discussions, share their predictions, and link up with other MMA fans of the Verdict MMA/Duelbits community.

How to bet on MMA

Betting on MMA is quite simple, and this quick guide will help you get started in no time:

  1. Register with Duelbits - For the ultimate MMA betting experience, register with Duelbits sportsbook and online casino.
  2. Make a deposit - After you’ve registered, you can make a deposit using your payment method of choice.
  3. Start betting - Now, you can check out the fight betting options and place your bets on the outcome of any available or upcoming fights.
  4. Stay tuned and cash in - The final step is to watch the action between the fighters and cash in if your bet is winning.

Upcoming fights

With Duelbits and Verdict MMA, you can always be a step ahead of the rest with the upcoming events and the odds predicted by other MMA enthusiasts.

Some upcoming fights include the UFC Fight Night with Cannonier vs Imavov on the 8th of June. Then there’s the UFC Fight Night with Perez vs Taira on the 16th of June, followed by Whittaker vs Chimaev on the 22nd of June.

And let’s not forget the Duelbits partner Connor McGregor going up against Michael Chandler on the 30th of June.

Don’t miss any of the fights, and be part of the action with your bet sheet on Verdict MMA!

Published: June 5, 2024

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