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Real Money VS Free Casino Apps: Which one is right for me?

Published by Niki | November 10, 2020 | Last updated: April 18, 2023

Unbiased comparison guide to gambling apps

Playing games on your phone offers a convenient and fun way to pass the time - especially when you're waiting in line or sitting in your car. With the wide range of games available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This is especially true of real money casino apps.

Online casinos have evolved so much over the years that gamers get to experience all the comfort and convenience of playing casino games online, and can now even take it on the go as they run daily errands. Thanks to the availability of Wi-Fi, having an online casino app loaded on your phone doesn't even have to run up data costs as you spin and win to your heart's content.

Another big plus is the fact that online casinos make sure their gamers can enjoy all the perks on offer, wherever they wish to do so. This includes casino promotional offers like deposit match bonuses, free spins, earning loyalty points and more.

By offering a seamless user experience, a player may register an account with the online casino using a PC, but visit the casino through their mobile browser, and play games on the app while out and about.

The range of apps available each has its own pros and cons, which means you have some research to do to make the right choice. Don't fret. We've done all the legwork so that you don't have to!

A (Beginner's) Guide to Real Money Casino Apps VS Free Casino Apps

Download vs Instant Play gambling apps

Your choice starts here when it comes to deciding how you want to enjoy your online casino experience while using your preferred platform to play from. As not all online casinos have an app, instant play or using your mobile browser is the option that is most widely available.

Instant Play Gambling Apps

All you need to do to play casino games instantly is to visit the online casino using the web browser on your mobile phone. Once the mobile responsive site has loaded, you are able to create an account or log in to your profile where you can then purchase casino credit and play games of chance for real money.

As many enjoy gambling on the go, almost every online casino you come across will have a site that shrinks to fit the screen used to view it. By offering this mobile responsive functionality, there is no need for players to try and navigate a laptop-sized layout on a smartphone or tablet.

These sites also offer full access to customer support through the live chat or email contact forms, a comprehensive suite of banking options, and promotional offers like free spins and match bonuses where the casino offers you a percentage of your deposit in bonus credit.

Download Apps

Depending on which online casino you register with, they may have an app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

With all the features mentioned above and functionality, downloading the app means that you can access your casino profile at the click of a button. Once you have saved your login details, don't have to complete login procedures for as long as the app keeps your details.

Casino operators who offer online casino apps enjoy offering exclusive bonuses and promotions which are made available to their app users. While you may have to claim the bonus using your app, the excellent online casinos allow you to sync your app activity with the mobile or desktop version of the site for you to use it whenever and wherever you choose.

Of course, apps aren't just for smartphones and tablets. Many online casinos also offer apps for your computer so that you have instant access to your casino account from a handy icon on your desktop.

Instant Play Pros Download App Pros
Play from any device Easy setup - always logged in
Freely available at online casinos Better graphics and faster play
Takes up no phone memory Linked to your device, so it is safer

In a nutshell, if your favourite casino offers an app and you have space available on your device, downloading the app can offer even greater convenience.

Free Casino Apps

These apps are usually standalone in the sense that they aren't linked to an online casino. Similar to any other app available on the app store, this free casino app offers players the chance to play casino games using free credit.

As the credit is preloaded or can be purchased for a nominal amount like $10, gamers get to experience all the thrills without any of the commitment that comes from gambling for real money. Since the virtual credit is almost free of charge, no wins can be cashed out. However, it does give gamers the feel for games they may not have already tried and offered the opportunity to hone their skills.

Free casino apps tend to focus on a particular casino game so that gamers can download exactly what they are looking for. Whether you prefer slot games or roulette, blackjack or baccarat, you get to choose the app that suits your needs and tastes.

Apps like these are also compact from a size perspective, so they don't take up much of your device memory. Here are a few apps that are popular right now.

Real Money Casino Apps

Real money casino games and apps, which are sometimes linked to the larger, more comprehensive online casinos, require users to create a profile. This profile can also be used at the desktop or mobile version of the casino; however, the app gives players access to casino games, the ability to purchase casino credit and cash out.

As with mobile casinos, a few of the games that can be played on the fuller, desktop version of the site may not be available. There is usually plenty to see and do as long as you have a stable connection to the internet.

Games that offer the possibility of winning real money require that you purchase casino credit using your own money. You can read more in our Mobile Casino Sites VS Mobile Casino Apps guide.

Online Casino Benefits

The most obvious benefit of making use of an online casino is the fact that you can gamble from the comfort of your own home. There are, however, several other benefits that may not be immediately clear first.

Licensed Casino Operator

Online casinos are very transparent when it comes to their ownership and licensing. So evident in the fact that all the information you could want or need is right on their website.

Please scroll to the bottom of the online casino site to view the licensing and ownership information which reassures players that they are using a reputable casino provider. Popular casino licenses for off-shore online casinos include:

These regulatory bodies have stringent requirements which each casino operator needs to comply with to retain their gambling licenses.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption

The internet is a beautiful place to find information, play games and watches videos; however, each user needs to take their safety very seriously. All reputable online casino operators offer this bank-level encryption that guarantees your details will remain safe and secure at all times.

When it comes to credit card transactions, only the payment gateway can see the necessary details to ensure successful payment.

To ensure your safety, keep a lookout for the "S" in the HTTPS of a website address where making a payment is required. The "S" stands for Secure.

Responsible Gambling Tools

Another benefit of online gambling is having access to a myriad of tools to protect players and keep gambling fun. Age verification, deposit limits, reality check reminders, withdrawal limits, and much more are all ways for casinos and players to keep gambling habits in check.

While they may seem like handy tools, these are great ways to keep yourself accountable, no matter where or how you choose to play.

If you choose to play for fun or invest your own money to gamble online, there is an app or instant play option for everyone. We have reviewed a wide variety of online casinos, and you're bound to find one that suits your needs. Why not give one a try today? You may be pleased that you did as you discover something extraordinary.

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