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A guide to Jackpot Games and their payout mechanics

Published by Stelly | January 20, 2022

There is a world of entertainment that awaits anyone who enters an online casino today. This includes different types of games from the latest Online Slots to classic Table Games. And then there is a player favourite known as Jackpots Slots - which are in a game category of their own.

In this guide, we take a look at how frequently Jackpot Slots payout and how to read the winning frequency of Jackpot Slots or Games.

A guide to Jackpot Games

What are Jackpot Slots?

These are a form of online casino games that award bigger wins than your average slots. With each game, you have the opportunity to win 500x or more of your stake. Whereas with standard games you can win less than 100x your total bet as a fixed jackpot amount.

There are three different jackpot variants to keep in mind:

  • Fixed/standalone jackpots – not linked to other games or machines;
  • In-house progressive jackpots – Jackpot Games that generate by linking the same game to itself within the online casino;
  • Network progressives – the same game is linked across a number of online casinos increasing the jackpot potential.

It’s not a "One size fits all"

When it comes to Jackpot Games you will quickly come to understand that there are many options for all types of players. The main reason is that there is a wide range of Jackpot and Progressive Jackpot Games (learn more with our Progressive Jackpot Guide) and none of them is the same.

With each of these games, there are many things to take into consideration. This includes the Random Number Generator, Hit Frequency and Volatility. One thing to keep in mind is that winning is always random and a matter of chance. Whether you’re playing a Jackpot Slot or a Table Game with a generous jackpot attached, the Random Number Generator determines the outcome.

While there are some tips and tricks to help increase your winning odds, there’s no surefire way of beating the odds. Winning a jackpot is all about luck.

Understanding the stats behind Jackpot Games

There are a few factors that contribute to the frequency in which a Jackpot Game will payout. This includes the RTP, Volatility and Hit Rate.

Choose the right variant

It’s easy to confuse the hit frequency with the volatility or variance of a game. The volatility is the likeliness of which the slot or game will payout and the size of these rewards.

Generally, games will be low, medium or high volatility and each class has different payout opportunities.

  • Low Volatility: This means there is a chance for small frequent payouts;
  • Medium Volatility: This means the wins are about average in terms of size and frequency;
  • High Volatility: Wins don’t come around too often but they can be quite sizeable.

In essence, the slot volatility will give you a sneak preview of how the slot will pay while the hit frequency will give you more insight into the overall average payouts. These stats need to be combined as Low Volatility Slots will have a high hit rate, but the payouts will be smaller.

Which in essence won’t be what you’ll be looking for if you’re trying to hit jackpot wins.

Hit Frequency reveals more

As stated, the hit frequency also plays a big role in determining how often a Slot or Jackpot Game pays out. It will indicate how often you will win even if it is a small win in a single spin. If a slot has a 23% win frequency, then it shows that it is bound to award one or more payouts on about 23% of the spins.

This figure isn’t always made available which means there will be times when you have to guess the percentage. You can guess based on the average slot which tends to feature a hit frequency of between 20% and 25%. This essentially means you can win 1 in 5 times or 1 in 4 times.

Keep in mind that this is not always the same for Mobile Slots or Jackpot Games as the mobile variants often have a 15% hit rate or lower. Then you will always have slots that feature a hit rate of 30% or higher.

Return to player

The Return to Player percentage or RTP is a theoretical percentage of returns you can expect when playing a game. However, if a game has an RTP of 96.9% that means you can expect to lose nearly $3 for every $100 you play.

With RTP you also need to keep in mind that the RTP is based on the overall lifespan of the game instead of singular gameplay. Meaning you can play 100 spins and not win once, while another player might take one spin and win instantly. The RTP is tailored to the game and not individual sessions.

It’s always best to choose a game with a higher RTP as it increases the winning odds and decreases the house edge.

Top 10 Games with the highest jackpot

  1. Mega Moolah – Microgaming: Jackpot £8,776,985
  2. WowPot Mega – Microgaming: Jackpot £7,020,722
  3. Jackpot Giant – Playtech: Jackpot €6,241,732
  4. Leprechaun’s Luck – Ash Gaming: Jackpot €2,701,449
  5. Funky Fruits – Playtech: Jackpot €2,592,650
  6. Jackpot King – Blueprint Gaming: Jackpot £1,926,735
  7. Hall of Gods – NetEnt: Jackpot €2,140,597
  8. Beach Life – Playtech: Jackpot €2,061,724
  9. Arabian Nights – NetEnt: Jackpot €1,925,031
  10. King Cashalot – Microgaming: Jackpot £1,568,481

Hot and cold fallacy

One thing many eager jackpot players tend to believe in is the “hot and cold” prediction of Slots and Other Games including Jackpot Games.

This hot and cold fallacy in essence is a ‘tell-tale’ of when a game is likely to produce wins and when it is best to be avoided.

A game is considered cold when it is only awarding losses and it is considered hot when it is due to a big payout after a long period of only awarding losses. It’s important to note that these predictions are just that - Predictions. Meaning there is no accuracy in them, and you can’t base your gameplay on predictions.

You might get lucky, but the priority would be to place your focus on RTP, Volatility and Hit Frequency when choosing your game instead of whether or not it is considered a hot or cold slot at the moment.

Tips to play like a pro

  • Pick the right casino by reading thorough online casino reviews!
  • Make use of Free Play.
  • Bet enough to be eligible for jackpot wins.
  • Pick your games carefully!
  • Stick to your budget.
  • Watch the RTP.
  • Read reviews on the game you choose.

Play responsibly

With jackpot games, it can be quite alluring to burn through your bankroll as you spin for potentially life-changing wins. However, as you often have to bet the maximum on the winning paylines in order to stand a chance of winning it’s important to remain in control.

Before you start playing you need to decide how you want to play, how long you want to play and how much you are willing to lose. Top recommended online casinos have a range of responsible gambling tools available to assist in responsible gameplay in this manner.

This ensures you can enjoy the game at the moment and help you reign it back in when needed. This includes setting up deposit limits, loss limits and session limits. These account limits can be especially helpful when you’re playing the big win games such as Progressive Jackpot Slots and Table Games.

A pro tip will be to stick to your budget and never chase your losses.

Top jackpot game recommendations:

There are several great Progressive Jackpot Games you can play online including a number of slots with big potential payouts that are growing as we speak.

The most preferred by players progressive jackpot games online are Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. Here are all of the top 10 most popular jackpot games:

  1. Mega Moolah Slot Series
  2. Mega Fortune Slot
  3. Cleopatra Mega Jackpots
  4. Bonanza Megapays Slot
  5. WowPot Slot Series
  6. Let’Em Ride
  7. Caribbean Stud
  8. Hall of Gods
  9. AOTG Super Power
  10. Caribbean Draw

These games have appeared consistently on the graphs awarding wins to players across the globe. Winnings range from 4 figures to up to 7 figures. If you’re looking for a game that has the potential of awarding a decent win right now and is bound to hit quite frequently, these are among the top must-play titles.

Jackpot delight

The online casino industry is growing and as it does so, more jackpot titles are added to the selection already available at the top online casinos today. Before you start playing a new jackpot game, take the time to test it out in free play mode to explore what it’s about.

When it comes to Jackpot Games some clear indicators will tell you how frequently a game has the potential to payout. Unfortunately, these will always be a mere indicator rather than a guarantee. As with every other game, the stats are merely a guideline, and it remains a game of chance. Only time will tell if you’re the next big jackpot winner of the Jackpot Game you choose to play.

Try any of the top Jackpot Slots we recommend to find the right choice for you!

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