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Guide to Match Bonuses

Published by Kally | April 2, 2019 | Last updated: July 17, 2023

An explanation for Match Bonuses

In the very competitive and demanding industry of online gambling, having the “edge” means everything. There is a huge volume of online casino vendors out there, ready to snap up gamblers at a glance. It is therefore vital that casinos come up with strategic ways to draw clients to their online establishments. It is however not only the initial draw that must be made but true success in the market is ensured by managing to keep your client base. So, factors need to be implemented to both attract and hold players.

Although it helps, having a vast range of online games available for your patrons to play is not enough to ensure that you maintain the market edge nowadays. Players need incentives to play the games, and this is where casino promotional bonuses come in.

Casinos will offer various bonuses to nab clients. These range from Deposit Bonuses to Free Spins Bonuses, Loyalty Bonuses, VIP Bonuses, Match Bonuses, and more. For a brief understanding of any of these, please feel free to read our guide on Online Casino Bonuses Explained.

In the present guide, we will focus solely on the Match Bonuses, providing insight into what they are and how it can be used to your advantage.

What is a Match Bonus?

This type of bonus is very popular at online casinos, because of the low-risk nature of the incentive. It is not a bonus that can be abused or mishandled easily. Casinos like the odds to be in their favour, so when they can offer you an incentive that makes you happy, but at the same time lowers their risk of being ripped off, they will embrace it with open hands.

It is called a Match Bonus because it is an incentive whereby the casino will match the deposit you make by a specific percentage. This will usually be offered for an initial deposit, but every now and then you will find a Match Bonus that will in addition match a certain number of successive deposits thereafter. The percentage of the match, as well as other finer details, will vary from time to time, depending on what promotions are on offer throughout the year.

Examples of Popular Match Bonuses

Popular Match Bonuses
Find out which Match Bonuses are the most popular ones.

50% Match Bonus

If capitalised on, as a player you will receive an extra 50% of your deposit made at the casino. So, if a deposit of €200 is made, the casino will give you complimentary credits of €100 to add to your roll, meaning that you will have a total of €300 to play with. This is a great way to enlarge your chances of winning.

100% Match Bonus

This is a very popular match bonus on online gambling. Whatever you deposit, the casino will match. In short, this means that the casino will double your available spend. Hopefully, this will double your chances of winning.

200% Match Bonus

On the odd occasion, an online vendor will want to spoil their clients by offering a 200% Match Bonus, meaning that a €100 deposit could land you with a bankroll of €300 to play with. These are always handy in the middle of the month when your cash flow is low. These rewards will often come with more stringent Wagering Requirements (see terms and conditions below). Please be careful about accepting bonuses higher than this, as they are very rare. We advise that you do a little background check on such promos and the casino offering them.

Explore those bonuses and learn more through the links below

Bundle Bonus

Oftentimes casinos will combine a Match Bonus with an extra offering of free spins. This will often be done as a Sign-up Bonus. For example, a promo may look like this: 100% Deposit Match plus 50 free spins.

Capped Match Bonus

This is also found quite frequently at online casino vendors. Sometimes the Match Bonus will be stipulated with a limit. For example 100% Match Bonus, up to €200. This means that the maximum the casino will match up to is €200. So, if you deposit up to €100, you are still guaranteed a 100% match. However, any deposit over €100 will be capped to the stipulated maximum match amount. 

Terms and conditions

Online gambling demands responsible gameplay from your side. Failure to be responsible will leave you very disappointed and poorer. As such, you must make it your mission to read the fine print of every offer, because if you think casinos will give you free money without stipulations, you are mistaken.

Below is a list of some of the popular T&C’s attached to a casino Match Bonus:

  • The bonus paid to you has monetary value but should not be thought of as cash. You cannot draw the money out. It has been awarded to you to play with. If you can make it work and win big, there will be a chance to draw on the amount later.
  • Most casino bonuses have Wagering Requirements (WRs) tied to them. Higher bonuses will face stricter requirements. So, what does this term mean? It means that you will need to wager the amount given to you a set amount of times before you can draw wins on it. Often, you will need to wager the cash 25 to 30 times before you have satisfied the terms.
  • Withdrawal restrictions should also be looked into before signing up for bonuses. The last thing you want to do is put some money down, only to realise that you are limited to the amount of money you can withdraw from the wins made with the bonus.
  • Oftentimes there is a minimum deposit required before qualifying for the match bonus. This amount can often vary from a minimum amount of €20 to €100.
  • Casinos can lock certain bonuses so that they can only be played on certain games. Often these will include a video slot game that they are trying to promote. Make sure you know what the requirements are here because if you are a table player and are locked into playing slots without realising the terms of the bonus, you are going to get annoyed.
  • Casinos usually reserve the right to alter or even cancel the bonus, because they have a right to protect their business against abuse and deceit. Patrons have been known to sign up several bonuses under different usernames and to abuse bonuses that are stipulated as “once-off”. There are ways and means of tracking these abusers. Being caught in this act could possibly result in a forfeit of your deposits, bonuses, and membership at the casino, as well as banning from other vendors in the network.

CasinoWow conclusion

Match Bonuses are generally very generous ways of ensuring that the client is kept happy and entertained. There is no excuse for how much money you have, you can always top it up with a “Match Bonus” near you.

We implore you, however, to spend and play only at reputable online casinos, as this will minimise your risk substantially. Make sure that you play at a tried and tested vendor that follows good business practice and sound ethics.

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